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Can anyone offer advice on the above, the trees were fine 2 weeks ago, now the leaves are being eaten on all 3 trees. Some leaves are distorted & discoloured but the plums don't look to have been affected (yet).  They are all on our allotment & as far as we know no-one else seems to have the same problem.  They've been fine in previous years.  We can't see any bugs on the leaves & just don't know what to do.  They aren't old trees, the eldest has only been in about 6 years.   Peach leaf curl has been suggested but we don't know for sure.  The new Victoria is as yet unaffected.  Any advice for treatment or prevention please.  Are we going to lose them?


What you describe does not sound like the leaves are being eaten. Peach Leaf curl does not occur in Plum, so it is not that.

I advise to post some pics of the trees, and upclose to a leaf or three and we can try and help further.


There are some teeny weeny green caterpillars eating my plum tree leaves just now. They seem to munch and move on pretty quickly so I find them on leaves that are undamaged - clever little beasties, eh?

I pick them off and put them on the bird table for the bluetits.


Thank you David K for the advice, I'll double check tomorrow with a magnifying glass

Thank you , my question answered too!

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