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Thanks Brum.  


I love this forum, without it I may have been put off gardening as I am fairly new to it.

The advice that I have received and the information I have to share keeps me coming back everyday.

Don't let the people that think they are above evryone else get you down, these people are very lonely and full of hate inside and are in my mind jealous of the happiness and friendship the rest of us enjoy 


I love it too Verd  I am on Facebook and Twitter (not that I understand how it works!) and find that I now spend less time there than I did! 

I  keep returning to the forum...even though I'm trying to do something else.  I'm keen to know how the majority feel.  I dont really sense anything other than goodwill here so lets see if im missing something  


I'll put my tuppenceworth in if I may. I joined this forum in March having just moved house and been through some stressful times. The garden has always been a place of healing and comfort to me and I was looking forward to a new start. This forum - or rather, the many good people on it - has been a source of pleasure, inspiration, help and support in the last 6 or 7 months. It's been the same for many others and I hope it continues to be exactly that. There are people on here who I consider to be good friends, even though I've never met them. 

Don't let the minority spoil it for the majority.

I don't intend to let them do it to me. 



Well said FG   I think some on here maybe start typing before they put their brains in gear and its difficult sometimes to judge the tone in which it is written!  Probably no bad feeling meant at all, lets all be friends people

Hey, I'm relaxing a bit now.    

Look Brum.  As ??ou rightly address sir....i feel aggrieved you should imply I'm  ever less than busy.  

Got to shoot off now as a 'umble chauffeur.  Not called "sir" then.  But, I am evva so 'umble in me cringing, crawling self effacing, hand rubbing way.  

Woodgreen wonderboy

Hi WB, I had a spell away from the forum, although this was nothing to do with the people on here. After a while I ventured back, and was greated with a really warm welcome. I then realised what a lot of good friends I had on here. If I may be a bit trite, good friends stick together through thick and thin and I shall be doing my best to  keep this forum somewhere worth visiting, beit for garden advice, fun or cake.

And Verd:  I LIKE IT HERE... is that loud enough?


I LIKE IT HERE TOO  ...........I Say.........I LIKE IT HERE TOO !

Everyone has always been so helpful,I am not as knowlegeable as a lot of you,but have always been made welcome,and  have received  a lot of good advice,I have also been able to give some advice to others.

I don,t do Facebook or Twitter and this is the first forum I have joined.         


I joined in spring my only gardening forum / any forum.

I don't like it. I LOVE it. Feel I've made friends, learned a lot, spent a bob or two. Hope I've helped a few.

Before the forum the only flowers I took note of were cauliflowers.

This is a great forum as a new gardener last year joining here i have learned so much and find it ever so friendly and great support . In my eyes a bully behind a keyboard is in real life a coward nothing else and best way to deal with them is ignore their post's. Now all you good garden forum member's keep posting have a laugh and support each other along the way best of health and good luck to you all.


I like it here, too!!

I have been gardening for a number of  years but there are so many things, particularly pests and diseases, I don't know much  about and there's always someone here that has experienced and dealt with these I'm staying!

I just enjoy reading others' experiences in the garden. Ours was completely paved over but is now green and fairly pleasant, still more to do though, as always.



Oh and I like it here too

star gaze lily

I'm quite new here, and I don't do Twitter or facebook.  I have found on the whole  that people have been very friendly and helpful. If i've asked advice about a gardening problem or a curtain tree/plant someone as always helped me out. And for that I am very grateful. 

It did get a little strange the other day but I think that was just a blip. I look on you as my new friends, so yes Verdun I really like it here. So thank you everyone for making me feel welcome. 



hey waterbutts, not posted on here for a few weeks but i have still been visiting and reading threads. (ive broke my wrist & hand, so typing is not fun at the mo) You're post's are intresting and funny. I think i know what this about, & don't let it get to you. 

Hope you are all keeping well.

I Like this forum though ive never much to add thats not been said already.


How the devil did you manage that, ZG?

Waterbutts....... don't let the small minority of crettins grind you down. I will miss your knowledge!

Hey guys, we need to hunt WB down and tickle them into coming back!! Who's with me




MsBeehaven we shall fight them on the beaches!!!! 


Lol Emma, we need reinforcements though, come on guys who's with us trying to get WB back?