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I've typed and lost two long missives about how sorry I am that WB feels like that and about how much I will miss the generosity with which she shared her knowledge.  

Also about how I really hope that my bringing certain matters into the open didn't cause the way she's feeling - I, and some others on here, have been targeted before, and I just felt that for everyone's sake there was a need to be open and honest about what was going on.  I am really sorry if that was upsetting for some.

Sadly public messageboards and fora are vulnerable to the occasional visit by someone intent on having fun at the expense of others.  Usually, once they are 'outed' they look elsewhere for their thrills.

This is a good forum, used in the main by kind, friendly and knowledgeable people who are happy to help others, and long may it continue.

I wish Waterbutts well, and hope that some day she will miss us, reconsider and return.  


... and the beeches ... and the oaks .. and the peach-trees in regalia

I'm comparatively new to the forum and have to say I haven't experienced any of the negativity some are speaking of.  Any question I have asked has received positive and polite responses.

If, as is virtually inevitable with any bulletin board, there are a few stirring the manure just ignore them.  They wouldn't do it in the 'real world' and get their kicks by way of anonymous trolling.  Don't allow them to get to you and drive you away.

star gaze lily

Come on WB come back, does anyone know her e-mail address? 


You can send her a PM SGL.....



thing is forums are like being in your local pub everbody chatting and whispering so what !                                                  (But)

If someone was talking about someone else and you overheard the bickery, nasty, things that they were talking about would you confront them or walk by like that you didn't hear.

Its the same thing here

just read what you want too and injoy the forum


No expert

Will miss you Waterbutts.

 II'll miss you too...

Crazy Tomato Lady

I like this forum, usually too zombified from work to type much, but it's definately more genuine and fun than other forums.

Highland Jeannie


Haven't posted much lately; been rather busy digging holes, moving things around & slinging slate about but do try to read most of the threads when I get the time. I haven't actually noticed any nastiness & feel sad that someone as helpful & kind as Waterbutts should be targetted by some inadequate & ineffectual numpty.  What sort of a kick do these Dilberts get out of stirring things up? What's the point? 

I've always found folk on here to be kind, humorous & helpful & am always grateful for all of the advice that I've had. - They are by far the greatest majority on here & am sure it will continue to be so.


Well, should Waterbutts reads these comments the clear message is stay.  You have friends here asking for you 

Crazy Tomato Lady

HJ I'm waiting for my cold to go away before I can dig holes again, my cat will be very happy it's that time of year again - he helps me dig... only he digs in the wrong direction and fills the hole back in 

He's not a good gardener then Mandy but sounds like a lot of fun.....which is great 


..referring to Highland Jeannie's post above...

..well, I do think that's terribly unkind and unfair to call another forum member an ''inadequate and ineffectual numpty'' and ''dilbert''.. did you read the thread in question?

I'm beginning to feel sorry for Jim Macd, he was giving alternative advice albeit rather patronisingly given, and overly critical, but waterbutts, to be brutally honest, should have stood their ground and put their case further, as she didn't get an answer from Jim,  instead of running away in a huff... 

I did intend to go on that thread and give waterbutts support as I thought her/his points made were more lucid and to the point,  however it's up to the original thread starter and any reader to choose the advice they run with... along with waterbutts and others on that thread,  Jim Macd sounds like an experienced fruit grower of long standing...and I enjoyed reading the input from all those people even though they were at odds....

I might add, this is what is wrong, in my opinion... someone disputes a point with a respected member who is part of a clicky group, and everyone then gangs up on the other person who isn't.... that isn't very nice, in my view... it's ostracising certain people... if you're not part of that clique, then tough for you... and I know what it's like having been on the receiving end of it a while ago from a couple of people here... however I'm not so sensitive -

....I'm sorry, I don't like to see people singled out.. however, enjoy your's still chucking it down here...



 Totally bemused by 'cliquey group'  ..... who, what, where?

star gaze lily

I think i've missed something here, apart from a bit of stirring from someone called pennies the other day and a little misunderstanding because of new thread, I haven't read any thing that could really  upset anyone . I must have missed one or more threads. If so can we not put it all behind us and remain the good friends we have all become

  Well said star gaze  lily.

Highland Jeannie

Salino - quote facility not working but -

"..referring to Highland Jeannie's post above...

..well, I do think that's terribly unkind and unfair to call another forum member an ''inadequate and ineffectual numpty'' and ''dilbert''.. did you read the thread in question?"

I did say that I don't always get time to read all of the threads & hadn't seen any nastiness, but was just responding to other people's comments about being targetted by people in an unpleasant way.  In the past people have just come on here purely to wind folk up & be nasty & rude - they are the people I was referring to - not the regular forumites - they're a great bunch!  

Salino problem.. people come and go all the time on forums... one leaves another 5's a bit like immigration...