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I like it here too. As it's an open forum there are always people who come on and upset people. I actually allowed myself to be upset by something recently then I upset someone here who I like but we've written to each other privately and it's sorted. I hope that didn't cause any upset to anyone. I was upset by some strange newly arrived people, normally I take no notice, but there was some stress in my private life.

Anyway I'm staying here, lots of lovely people, so I'm glad all those who replied to Waterbutts are staying too. Please stay Waterbutts, I hope you've read how much we'll all miss you.

star gaze lily

Hello Busy-lizzie, so glad your back and all is now ok  Hope what ever was troubling you is now in the past. 

Lets hope waterbutts does read the messages and soon returns. Also Tina Turner seems to have gone too


just having  a lemsip  cheers everyone . heres to friends 


archie - hope the cold's improving 

Can I also add - sometimes it's the way a post is worded - like text messaging you need to check how you write something before pressing submit. 

'Eats, shoots, and leaves' syndrome ........


Pottie Pam

Hope everything is settling down now and waterbutts comes back.

I feel sorry for people who are nasty to other people. They must be really unhappy in their own lives. I'm sure happy people would not dream of making horrid comments.

Fairy is right. Because we can't see each others faces or hear their voice sometimes what they say is misunderstood.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Don't tell the others , but "Hello Forkers" is full of happy people having a good time...shhhhhhhhhh!


Waterbutts: in case you do happen to read this, I've PMd you.



Hello everyone. Im not sure how to say what I'm going to say so sorry if it's a bit waffly. I'm in the same local theatre group as waterbutts. A while ago she wanted me to join in with the froum but I don't know much about gardening so it never got off the ground.

When we spoke yesterday I was a bit surprised to hear that she had left but didn't press her on it. Today when I came to her house she explained a bit and showed me all the messages of support and seemed a bit overcome by everyone's kindness. She isn't one to change her mind so I don't think she'll be back. One thing that stuck in my mind - she said that her leaving the group had borne more fruit than her joining. I think she meant that you have all got together as a group more now.

She's out and I'm cat sitting. I'm sure she wouln't mind me doing this anyway. 

One question though. Where is the tea drinker thread gone? It was better than Eastenders. I'm no good with computers but I can't see it at all.


Hi Pansyface, we can only hope that our messages 'get through' and that she'll decide to come back.  Its a shame that one bad apple can ruin things.


I know she hates any sort of aggression. She's a real cat type person and always looks for the quietest sotrs of things to do.

I like the way a gardener tlaks about bad apples! Very appropriate!


She sounds very similar to me, love a quiet life (but i don't have a cat!)


@emma1978, It was my own fault, i stepped into the road without looking, and a car door mirror clipped my hand. i was lucky not to go over the roof.

In my defence the car was electric and made no noise at all.  I'm now thinking they should have speakers on the outside pumping out engine sounds.  


You know - I'm just wondering - it may not be a coincidence that some people are feeling a little sensitive and bruised and the Edit facility is out of action - there have been times when I've posted and then re-read, blushed and edited quickly - it's not always until you see the finished post that you realise it's not come over the way you meant it to.  Hope the techies get it sorted soon. 


I noticed the edit & quote buttons have gone. I hope they come back to Dove.


star gaze lily

My spell check keeps disappearing too.

Your right dove, people read things differently,  its the same with text on mobiles, sometimes all it needs is a missing fullstop or comma and it can be read completely different. 

hollie hock

I do miss the edit button, never to got to grips with quote option, everytime I used it bar once, it just ended up as nonsense


Daniel is aware and it's 'on the list'. 

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