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I don't know if I am alone in finding that the forum has a new atmosphere about it these days. I can't put my finger on it, but it doesn't have the happy feel about it that it did before.

I just want to say that I came upon it by accident after I was forced to be housebound for a few days. I immediately enjoyed the banter and the knowledge that was to be got from it at the same time.

There are a lot of very enthusiastic gardeners out there all willing to take time to help others. I can honestly say that, just by reading other people's problems, I learned about things that I didn't even know were a problem!

I hope that in my turn I have been able to help others. I know my style isn't to everyone's taste. I am from Yorkshire and I can be blunt. Not a lot I can do about that. However, I have always tried to be polite.

I don't want to have to press ignore buttons. I don't want to have to wonder if someone will be trying to work people up for nothing more than the fun of it. I'm off now. You won't be hearing from me again. It has been an interesting few months and I genuinely wish you well.



Oh dear, I must have missed something. I have to say I don't read that many posts but as you are  a 'regular' I tend to read yours.

As a fellow Yorkie can I be very blunt and ask you to reconsider?


..oh dear, that's a shame... I was just reading your posts on apples...

it's only a forum as far as I'm concerned - no one really knows anyone else... I do wonder if some people develop an inflated sense of their own importance within it, and get easily offended by criticism... also I find it a bit like 'Mumsnet' at times.....and we wouldn't want to go there too often...


Waterbutts I'm from Yorkshire and like you say my bit.

Dun't chuck towel in. I enjoy your posts and saw what upset you yesterday.

Things have been strange on here the last few days & I know I've fuelled the fire a bit, never could keep my nose out. I'm going to try and just be happy as we were.

Hope I do see you here again.


You' were one of the 'voices of sanity' wb.

I'm sorry you're going but fully agree with all you say.

Thanks for all the advice that's come my way



The last few days have been strange, but I think that this is unusual and that eveything should settle down  again quickly. Normally the site is a friendly, happy place to be and I would urge you to give things a chance to return to normal.

Also from Yorkshire, very sorry to see you go. I have PM'd you.

nil illegitimi carborundum.

PMd you too wb



Please don't go Waterbutts. That way, the trouble makers win. If you like just check in from time to time. I hope everything will settle down now.

hollie hock

It's not just you waterbutts, I'm not that much of a chatter on here (can't think quick enough!) but the information and the learning I get here is well worth putting up with the stirrers. I like being able to share what I have learnt with others too and it's great to  look at everyones pictures of their gardens and wildlife. The dynamics have changed but change again they will

Best wishes

Hey that's a shame Waterbutts 

Its a difficult one lately.  Just a couple of mischief makers homed in on a new thread to cause problems. For reasons only they know they want to break up this forum.  Nothing any of us can do....we either comment or ignore. We could try to explain but that in itself creates more discomfort.  

When I first joined the forum I became a target and found it a new and unpleasant experience. For no obvious reason ????  The same characters have surfaced again.

In any group there will always be someone with a chip on his/ her shoulder looking for the slightest issue to cause trouble.  I see it at my local  foodbank volunteer group, in religious groups and ....well, you name it.  Just needs one bad apple

The forum is friendly, well meaning, helpful and knowledgeable.  It serves most of us very well.

I too value your comments Waterbutts.  Always sound, sensible and encouraging.  Hope you reconsider 

WB - we will miss you if you go - please don't. It will take a couple of days and then everything will return to normal happiness. Maybe have a weeks holiday and come back and see us then?

I have sent you a PM and echo the sentiments of those that have gone previously x



Ah don't go WB, must admit i was thinking along the same lines as you and am mulling over not coming on here but i'm going to stick with it and hope things settle down.


If all the pleasant people decide to leave because of one or two people who either forget their manners, or are habitually brusque or downright rude and offensive then there'd be no-one left to help the new people, discuss the many solutions usually available with more experienced gardeners and have a friendly chat when there's nothing much doing in the garden.

Please focus on the positives and ignore the negatives.  

Also, please remember that we all read posts in our own tone of voice so we need to be careful about how our replies can be read and interpreted by more sensitive souls.


Well, I have tried a number of garden forums. This is, by far and away, the best.  Check  others out if you doubt it.  If there was a better forum I would be on it

If you want advice.....and I say this, a lot of it here is better than you will get from so-called experts on the telly, (everyone is keen to help; just check out the threads) or cheery comments this is the place to be.  

This is essentially a garden helpline.  And it's free.  But its a whole lot more than that.  So, come on folks SPEAK UP if you like it here.  If you want it to continue just as it is then say so.  I'll start off.....I LIKE IT HERE 




I've never joined a forum before. I don't do facebook or twitter. I like it here because I can just dip in and out when I want, and the format is easy to navigate.

 I've had a look at some other forums, but I'm not part  of the secret seven forum, probably not suitable  for me either.  A lot seem to be american , and with an agenda.

 I've been gardening a long time, but I have learnt a  lot this year, even if Verdun has encouraged me to spend a lot more than I usually do.

The troublemakers always seem to start at weekend, when no moderators are about. I think this weekend they had been on something wierd.

Thanks Msbeehaven and fidget.  Two so far.


..I used to like it more than I do now... I've become convinced that a number of thread starters, where the member has some strange unknown name and is their first and only post, are started by 'bots' [computerised robots].... a question is put to invite comment and this attracts attention with many posts, but of course you never hear from the original poster might as well be talking to a brick wall...

I've seen this on other commercial forums, one I know where the owner deliberately starts off controversial threads to get people talking... it exposes more people to the I'm suspicious of that happening here much more nowadays...