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I always sow certain seeds for planting out next year ie foxglove verbascum  in seed trays   in the greenhouse.

in October I shall sow broad beans  in the garden

,thought it would be interesting to find out what others sow ready for next year at this time of year .

All are welcome

Nice idea for a thread Grandma!
I like to harvest & throw some white Honesty seeds over the ground about now - just in case they didn't fall off the plant where I want them to grow. Seedlings get thinned in March.
In seed trays I shall be sowing some harvested thalictrum seed and a packet of 'Miss Willmotts Ghost' to overwinter outside.
And in a couple of weeks I'll sow a few salad & coriander leaves to keep in the GH over winter. Might also try putting a root of mint in a pot to see if I can keep that productive under cover.

I have; foxgloves 'Suttons Apricot', delphinium 'Pacific Giant' and oriental poppy 'Coral Reef' in seed trays now. I have also got cuttings going of; salvia 'Sallyfun Blue', penstemon 'Phoenix Red', English lavendar, argyranthemum 'Banana Split', hardy fuschia and clematis (not sure of the variety). I'll post again as more seeds go in.

Nice theme for a thread this.


Love this!  I'm just getting into growing from seed so it's giving me ideas!  Thanks Grandma.

We have sown Wallflowers, Sweet Williams and Bellis daisies plus delphiniums and foxgloves. I will be sowing my sweet peas in October along with some broad beans on the allotment.



Where have I gone? I posted on this thread yesterday. 

Not that I said anything deep and meaningful because I haven't even looked at the seed lists yet. I like to choose a few things I've never heard of or know nothing about. That's not so easy now, with the internet I can know anything about anything, even if I forget almost immediately

I rely on the biennials to sort themselves out. Some years are a bit light but they all keep going.

I'll be looking at Derry Watkin's list, Special Plants I think it's called. Plant World seeds and Chilterns. I'd better get on with it

Sorry nut ,your on one of the other threads ,do you remember I had a doo lally moment and posted this umpteen times ?

I did read you though ,your thread wasn't wasted and it was much appreciated as is everyone's who add to my threads.

See you around !

So far I've sown foxgloves, white wall flowers, sweet william, some near black hollyhocks and aquilegia William Guinness. Still some oriental poppies and maybe a few other bits and bobs to do. Already planted out some foxgloves which were getting too big.

My everlasting sweet peas didn't germinate for some reason?

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