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Us girls have got to keep on top of it Dove - no use expecting men to do  it.... 


Won't be here for the weekend tho FG - you'll have to rally the troops, or ignore them............. or you could always turn them into toads, we can always do with more toads 



I see cheap kitchens are up to W.

can't GW send them a bill for advertising.?That should slow them down


They should be finished soon, there won't be much for them to do when they've done Yeovil 


I notified of the spam before this post was started and I'm a bloke.  Thing about blokes is we just get on and do it rather than shouting from the rafters 


But if you'd let us know you'd done it, we wouldn't have done it - we could have gone out and dead-headed the roses - that's why we shout it from the rafters 

What's wrong with spam.  Monty python liked it. I had the spam song as my ringtone until I improved it by recording me singing the ying yang song.  Ah! Such lovely music

(actually I was in morrisons, tesco, whatever when my ying yang rimgtone went off at full volume.  Slightly embarrassing)


If you read my post, you would see that it is apparently impossible for those in the know to do anything about it.  So, best just to ignore it altogether. A lot of wasted energy spent on spam and no e-mail notifications. Go and do some gardening instead

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