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I love the spam song as superbly performed by Monty python.  However can these spam posters be denied at source by the moderators here?  

The spams don't really bother me too much.....I just flick past them.....but this morning there are a lot of them.  

Not sure what options Daniel has but surely they can be prevented...?  


The problem is that as soon as the techies block their access one way, they sneak around the back and over the fence and climb in another way - it's a pain but without putting every new member through a moderation filter as they do on some forums, it's hard to see what else they can do.  Putting new members through a Mod filter would involve moderators being available 24/7 to vet new members posts, or a delay on their posts appearing on the board, which isn't really helpful on a board such as this which is set up to answer gardening questions. 

Think we just have to grin and bear it 


On the Kitchen Garden forum, you have to wait until your account has been approved before you can submit any posts. The long wait for that to happen is probably enough to put some spammers off.


I'm on another forum where that happens - it doesn't put the spammers off but does allow the moderators to delete the spamming before it gets onto the boards.  But that means you need moderators on duty most of the time - GW is a commercial organisation and any mods would have to be paid to do that.  



Do they think gardeners are the best demographic for new kitchens? How many people buy a kitchen online without ever seeing them from a company advertising on a gardening forum? I do with spammers would go away.


The thing is that the company that publishes GW also publishes home improvement mags - they just  spam all of them 


That might lead us to the conclusion that cooks are much nicer people than cheap kitchen manufacturers 


Perhaps we shouldn't mention it - might give them ideas!!   I suspect much of it is just a computer programme anyway, written so that certain words generate certain adverts - after all, how many people do you know who buy a tablet of soap also buy a jumper and a candle from the same site?  This was one I had as an 'the people who bought this also bought……..' type of thing.

Spammers are very stupid, but sadly so are a very few people, and it upon these few that they prey. 

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