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Hi. I recently inherited a belfast sink full of Iris. I'm very excited to see what it does this year as I've not idea what the flowers (if they come) will look like. I'm keen to get it out of the sink though and spread it around the garden - sunny spots of course! I'd really appreciate any advice on how and when to split them.


Are you talking about bearded iris? The type with rhizomes on top of the soil? These are usually divided after flowering


Acorn, hi, you need ,as Fleurisa has said, to establish the type. Bearded iris are split in August, but sibirica can be split now. Bearded like hot and dry , sibirica , and others prefer moisture. Can you post a photo?


I think so - the rhizomes are all very visible.



Bearded iris   wait until after they've flowered. 

And you get to keep the sink? 

Yeah - I got three of them and am planning to put herbs and things in them.  Cheers for the advice - much appreciated.

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