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I have been given lots of spring bulbs. Far too many to use this year. Is there any way of storing them until next autumn please?


The only thing I can suggest is to either pot them up - you can buy black buckets for a pound in diy stores and put holes in them - or if you have a little spare area of ground somewhere in your garden, you could just pop them all in there, like a nursery type bed. I've done that with some daffs in this garden as they were along the side wall where I intend putting an extension. Didn't want to just chuck them out.


You could always do a bit of Guerilla gardening with any left over.


The short answer is no, they won't keep if they're not planted so, if neither of the above solutions suits you, pass them on to a friend or neighbour who'd appreciate them.

Thanks guys maybe I will try the black pots tip from Fairy girl

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