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As my bulbs started to open today with the amount of sunshine we have had.

Enjoy my Spring Blog.




Pennine Petal
I've got primroses, but no snowdrops flowering yet.

My Emily Primrose has been in full bloom all week.

Pennine Petal this is my favourite season



flowering rose

I have a few snowdrops and daffs with some lung wort just coming out.


Primroses, snowdrops, little blue irises, crocuses are budding and the Fritillaria Imperialis are poking through the soil 


Its such a joy and pleasure to see again after all the snow.


Beautiful pics scotkat! I have quite a few snowdrops and daffodils out here now (North Wales coast). Yes, it's so cheering to see them again.

hollie hock

Great to see the garden just starting to come back into life and colour. Snowdrops are out here, primroses and nearly the crocuses. I love the little blue irises.

Normally we just see aconites 1st then the snowdrops followed by crocus ,then daffodils but now all are coming to bloom at same time with this spell of nice weather.

Lots of plants in flower now crocus, primroses all looking pretty and the violas

Your photo do look good, its nice to walk around the garden and see lots of flowers out in colour and new ones opening all the time

My daffs and narcissus are staring to open and also a couple of snowdrops.....the winter pansies which I put in during December are in full flower and so are my primroses. Just potted on some of my geranium cuttings and they are well rooted....all waiting to be put out as soon as the weather warms up.....hopefully soon!

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