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Hi all....I know theres a wealth of experience out there...can someone help me? Why oh why do my spuds fall apart when boiled. I dont peel them. I watch them carefully, to no avail. Ive grown different different parts of the allotment (AKA rotation). They look so lush when i dig them up, but unless eaten raw (ps i dont) they just fall apart...can you help me good gardening folks? Many thanks....

How long are you cooking them for?

Shrinking Violet

In my experience, some varieties are more prone to this than others.  Charlotte will turn to mush very easily;  the best solution is to steam them (unpeeled). 


New spuds keep their shape if microwaved, too.

Hi peeps...ta for advice...hey shrinking violet...yoo are spot on...charlotte spuds...i will steam....any variety suggestions?


Green Magpie

Mine are Charlotte and can be inclined to fall apart. A great way to cook them is in foil parcels in the oven:

Put the washed potatoes (chop up larger ones) in a bowl with a little olive oil, salt, garlic and rosemary. Mix well, then wrap portions loosely in foil parcels. Bake for 45 mins to an hour in a fairly hot oven. This method keeps the skins intact and enhances the flavour of the potatoes.

Another tip is to bring the spuds to the boil then switch off the heat and leave with the lid on for 20 minutes.


Pink Fir Apple never seem to go mushy.  Very knobbly to prepare though.

Charlotte wash dry into pan hot water from kettle some fresh mint bring back to boil turn down to simmer 15 minutes exactly, never fails for me and with a knob of butter who needs anything else.



Have you tried steaming them instead?


I cut Charlottes so they are all the same size as the smallest (approx) then boil from cold in as little water as will barely cover them adding fresh mint. Test with a sharp knife from time to time; but they don't take long (8 mins perhaps?) I have never had them collapse so far. Any left over, slice and saute next day and sprinkle with chopped chives

I have just experienced the same thing with my charlottes. After many different methods of boiling etc I find the best way is to microwave with just a splash of water to create some steam. I leave the skins on but cut the spuds to the same size.


Thank you all so much......

Aha! just had lovely dinner with 'steamed' charlottes...perfect...thanks again!

Try some King Edwards,Purrfect

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