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The potty gardener

What did you get then Brum? I have lots of gnomes, not to everyones taste but I love them. Also faries, buddah, owls, frogs, cats the list goes on and on

I have a significant milestone coming up at work - will be investing my award in an armillary sundial. OH is building an obelisk for it to sit on - will have pride of place in our newly created veg garden.

Brum...that's quite traditional isn't it?  And they match well I should think.

Ornamemts not really my thing but a very nice old lady left me a terracotta shoe and a garden gnome when she died and they are incorporated in the garden for humour's sake and sentiment's sake.  (wanted her money really so disappointed.    Lol). 

I also have 2 small statues ....both quite common.....that fit in quite well too.  And a mushroom that my dear sister pinched from a garden when a bit drunk in her teenage years.  It has huge sentimental value and her daughter restores it to pristine condition every now and then. Sentiment seems out of place today but it's fitting in the garden I think.  Nothing of the "class" of brum's Buddha but just as valuable 


I've got a stone statue of "The Thinker" I think  Man with head in his hands, reminds me of H. Nice shoulders Calm done KEF....

I've a statue of a cat. It's to remind me where my first cat is buried, kinda seemed disrepsectful to keep digging her up every time I mulched. The ashes are long gone now but the statue remains.

Current cat went to 'Rainbow Bridge' on Friday, she's in the front garden, she won't be disturbed there, it's gravelled over. All told it was a sad day in the garden yesterday, there was no Garfield waiting at the bottom of the stairs or to walk up the garden path with



Sad that zoomer.  Nice touch about the statue.  Will miss my Labrador hugely,when the time comes.  So....I will enjoy every moment with him.  He's  a healthy 10 year old so hopefully a few years yet.


Dear Zoomer, very sorry to hear & I mean it, especially after my poor joke last week. xx

hollie hock

Sorry to hear about your cat Zoomer, very upsetting. I have a patch called diggys bed,  it was once where my rabbit lived, someone took him Try and keep it mainly white, that spot in the garden is always diggys bed


Oh zoomer - v. sad.

Zoomer, I know exactly what you mean - I was always followed around the garden by a furry 'nuisance' in days past.  Pepper, Marmalade, Startle, Sneaky, Bubbly, Toast, Tigger and Muffin are all laid to rest in my garden.  Each one has a special shrub growing where they were each buried so I'm constanty reminded.  The OH won't let me have another cat as she's developed allergies but if another stray needs a home, I'd find it very difficult to refuse a new 'little helper'.

Thank's you guys for your kind words, and no probs, KEF... you weren't to know. She was a lot older than both myself and the vet realised...she sat on the patio on Thursday...but her legs went on Friday...bless her little cotton socks...she had a good life...chasing pigeons and birds in the garden ...catching mice...enough said...

star gaze lily

I have a bird bath, an 'old boot' type flower planter, two statues of little boys, one of the boys holds a watering can--I have placed him in one of the flower beds and the other has his hands behind his back and he wears a very cheaky smile. He stands by my oak tree. Have seen a fairy statue in a local gc that I might buy soon

Sorry to hear about your cat Zoomer x


Zoomer, hugs. Rough time for you.

I like gnomes - great target practise for an air-rifle!

Pennine Petal

Sorry to hear about your cat Zoomer, know how that feels.

I have a 2 stone cats and 2 pigs. I have a couple of nice obelisks too that I don't put plants on as I just like the look of them.


Looking at what's in my garden, my ornaments reflect my cheapskate nature! I have some huge ceramic pots with my huge hostas in them - they were given to me by a gardening friend who no longer wanted them, as was my cheminea, and the arch that frames the door in my garden wall. I have some white metal obelisks that I bought very cheaply - they are attractive, which is lucky as the climbers I hoped would scramble up them seem to prefer the neighbouring shrubs.

Some friends have a staggle-stone in their garden. I covet it. But I believe they can't be bought for less than £300, so that's another item on the "if I win the lottery" wish list.  I rather fancy a big Buddha


So sorry to hear about your Garfield, Zoomer, know exactly how you feel, have had to send a few beloved cats over the Rainbow Bridge. We have 2 at the moment, both now 10 years old, all our cats have been rescue cats. Our whole house is filled with cats, made of wood, stone, terracotta, you name it.

We have a stone lion (I'm a Leo) in the garden, a terracotta rabbit and snail, a polyester turtle and some terracotta ducks around the pond, two duck decoys in the pond and lots of various sized frogs.

Don't forget to send us a photo when you get your buddha, Brumbull.

really like the sound of the buddha! sounds heavy it being craned in?

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