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Does anyone know how to enter the competion for the Stihl tools?

Er, no, Deana, mostly because I don't know where the details about it are.

They are in the latest gardeners world magazine


There's a link towards the bottom of page 26 Deana or you can post your entry.  You do have to be a subscriber to the magazine as well.

Tried the link just shows the other competitions, I am a subscriber.


I`m with you Deana. The Stihl competition does not appear using this link. Don`t they want us to enter?!!!!!


Worked ok for me, entered a couple of weeks ago...

I can't make it work either ! As soon as you log in to the site (which doesn't seem to want a subscriber number) it loses all trace of the Stihl competition ...........

It just worked for me too.  Maybe it has something to do with the browser in use?

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