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Have restarted ipad from scratch and it's still not working  threads not updating, deleted PM's keep reappearing etc etc

Seems to be working ok for me.  I deleted history,,etc logged out and in again.......


Just deleted history etc and seems ok, finally 

Spoke too soon, still not working as it should 


iPads seem to have more problems in general for some reason MsB- lots of people have issues with posting photos etc so it may be something simple, although I'm still having to refresh pages. I'm sure they'll get it properly resolved soon. The important thing is to let Danielknow so that he can inform the tech team - otherwise they won't know. 


My "spellcheck" is still not working.


star gaze lily

Still something up, I have put a few things on site and they are not appearing 


What things Star gaze lily, and where? Are you using a laptop, pc or ipad or what?

star gaze lily

I did reply some hours ago, but its not appeared on site. Now I can't see all my replys again!!!!! I'm using a samsung.


Press Control and F5 at the same time after you've posted - see if that works 

Also just check that you've not 'Ignored' yourself by accidently clicking the 'Ignore' button which appears when you hover the curser over your Avatar. 


When I go to my post's in the top right hand side of the home screen I'm taken to all the post's I've started which is ok BUT when I want to go to a post that is not displayed on the first page/screen (page, say 2) it directs me back to the latest post and not the page I want to display.

Also while I'm here could I comment on a job well done Daniel and team your web site is really nice and fresh much better now you’ve decided to leave the home screen without a photo in the back ground

Could I ask can you add a new window when we want to type a NEW POST with a bigger area to see what we have typed it could be called go advanced (a small link logo) at the top of the post reply. It’s just a thought  



The potty gardener

I am still waiting for e mails to advise of new posts on a followed thread. I find the site much easier to use with this


Response emails are working for me.


I havent had emails for weeks..


I've never had an email. I just look at hot threads and new discussions.

Daniel Haynes

Thanks for the feedback, CluelessGardener. I'll add your comments about the size of the new post box to the wish list of future forum features.

Apologies to those of you who aren't receiving notification emails. I'll refer this again to the team to see if they can shed any light on why it's working for some people and not for others. I'll check also on progress with the spellchecker.

Daniel Haynes




Everything working ok apart from response notifications which have,nt worked for some time.Thank you Daniel and team for sorting the recent problems out.

star gaze lily

 There's still some gremlins running around the site. Some of my replies are not being shown on the site. So if this one is I'd like to thank everyone for their advice on all my asks. Many thanks 



Have just tried to change my avatar and it won't let me 


There are still some gremlins about -  this morning  I let Daniel know that the Edit and Quote buttons have disappeared - you can send him a PM and he'll let the Techies know. 

Daniel Haynes

Hello! I've added the avatar issue to the list! I'm not sure if this is a problem everyone is experiencing, so if anyone else is experiencing it, do please let me know.