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star gaze lily

Yes I can't change it either,  but thought it was me

star gaze lily

Still a few gremlins about keeps flicking back and forth takes a few goes to write , although its quite windy here perhaps its playing havoc with the dodah.

star gaze lily

Yes ok thanks, fell asleep on sofa about an hr ago! Just woken up with pins and needles in my hand, think I'm off to bed nite nite all


Please Daniel, make my "spelllcheck" better

Thank you.

star gaze lily

Can you please do something about the STiHL ad its driving me crazy, its popping up all the time. Many thanks


lily you are not alone, I also find that Stihl banner ad is most annoying. It would be fine if it stayed closed but it comes clumping back every time I open a different thread.

Basically, I will never buy Stihl now ...


i have had problem with my firefox browser for about a week.. not  been able to get on.. hubby found on BBC news webiste otehr day that America had hacked into firefox to find wikileaks info.. and sent out viruses in the browser site.. so no wonder!!!

have uninstalled it from computer and stuck on explorer.. so painful.. slow constant adds and takes for ever to get a page up.. so i havent been on for a week or more becuase of this.. so problems for me are constant at mo.. cant even stand to go on my ebay with explorer as much worse for slowness and adds... can anyone recommend another browser at all??


I have firefox and have not had any problems. As for the ads, try adding an Ad-Blocker e.g. Adblock+ (Google it, it's simple to install). I get no ads anywhere now, if I want a product I can search for it, don't need to be reminded all the time!


Try Google Chrome instead of IE?

Daniel Haynes

Hello everyone,

An update on the remaining technical issues with the forum:

We've bundled the separate issues (spellchecker, notifications, edit and quote tools, problems uploading avatar) into one support 'ticket', with the aim of implementing all the fixes in one go. Our helpdesk manager tells me that developers will spend time on it this week and next.

As usual, once fixes are found, they need to enter a period of testing to ensure they work across different plantforms, operating systems and browsers. So, on that basis, we'd expect the fixes to go live on the site within two to two-and-a-half weeks. Please bear in mind that is dependent on the scale of the work, but that's the information I have at present.

It would be nice to get it all sorted quicker than this, but please be assured it's being dealt with. So, let's grit our teeth a little longer - a more stable forum shouldn't be too far away!

Thanks for your patience, as ever.

Daniel Haynes


I've never seen any "plant forms" that needed an avatar to work.  

"As usual, once fixes are found, they need to enter a period of testing to ensure they work across different plantforms"


star gaze lily

The STIHL ads gone but now I keep getting a car ad. My spell checks disappeared too, gremlins?


the ads belong here sgl, it's how the money is made. Install adblocker oif they annoy you

star gaze lily

Thanks nutcutlet  don't mind most of the ads, just this one. It just doesn't seem to go when you tap the X to close it, it makes it worse.  Will have a go tho many thanks