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star gaze lily

I am able to send PMs but still can not read pms sent to me, just get a blank page 

star gaze lily

Sorry  Daniel but I can't send PMs to anyone


I was receiving PM's but if I try to reply or send a new one, it will not let me type in the meassage box, and then refuses to send.


Hi all- just saw this so I've sent Daniel a message to see if he can get the team to take another look at the probs.



oops already jumped in there Fairy, done new thread.

Hi folks!

Nutcutlet managed to get a PM to me yesterday and I've (hopefully) just sent

one back to her - I'm just waiting to see if she gets it.  Like you, Star Gaze Lily,

I couldn't type anything at all on Saturday, but hope it's now fixed. 


Not here yet ffb. I wasn't sure if you got my yesterday messages. Fairy didn't get hers.


If all else fails I'll write a letter  If I can remember how to do that

Hi Nutcutlet,

Wonderful............looks like it's still not working then!  Yes, we can write

letters to each other instead, but I'd give it another day......things might

have improved by then!  Hopefully "talk" to you later Nutcutlet"  

Hi Again Nutcutlet,]

Just to let you know I've emailed you as I still can't PM you.


Just coming in now ffb. 

star gaze lily

I can now send a message but I am now unable to read mine again

Daniel Haynes

Hello everyone, Apologies for the ongoing problems. I'll post a full update on progress with the fixes tomorrow.

Daniel Haynes


Hi Daniel

Time to go home


Cant search my old posts and not getting any reply notifications... come on techies get it sorted!


Daniel's assured me they're on the list and the techies are working through it - hopefully all will be much better soon 

It's probably been a least a couple of years since I posted on here.  I spent a while today answering a garden design query.  When I submitted my reply I was asked to log in.  Of course I couldn't remember my password so went through the procedure to re-set it only to find my reply didn't post and vanished.  What a waste of time!