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Hi, My spell check STILL does not work,Does anyone have this problem or is it my computer? I am am good with the dictionary but it is bugging me ,as the site has an application that does not work for me. All I get is an error message.


didn't realise there was a spell check jat. Found it now and it's as you say. 

I won't critycize your speling if you don't critycize mine


That's a deal Nutcutlet, thank you; but it matters to oldies like me that were brong up to spell corroctly, pronownse words write and use coreect gramer!!

U no wat me meen like!


i no wot yer mean

I'm an oldie too, spelling is something I can do. Don't ask me do add anything up though. I can't spell numrebs


Replied on the other (same?) thread to say I've PMd Daniel because the PM thing isn't working for some people so I told him about the spell check and the hit and miss notifications. 


I dont uze spel chek cos my spellins gud.



nad..mune is fer beter an yours.. dairygirl..i nose me bca


also the main front page has changed with a piccie that is back of mymessage page.. it makes it hard to see the front page in my opinion.. or is it my old eyes just struggling.


Wee peeple on this fourum dont kneed spell cheque anyway.


Who are you calling wee Gilly? 

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