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Did anyone else experience a storm last night? Here in East Yorkshire about 7 pm the sky darkened and the heavens opened, rain like stairrods, and thunder and lightening along with a very strong wind.  This morning the garden looked very battered with leaves and flower heads lying around all over, plus plant pots knocked over.  Have spent a couple of hours trying to tidy up.  Have had to throw away most of my annuals in pots as they were decimated.

Pennine Petal

Similar in our area, but fortunately we were on the edge of it, so didn't do too much damage. It got to us a little earlier than yours though.


We had a thunder storm about 2 o'clock in the afternoon, it rained about an hour or so,  not much wind but very heavy, the garden didn't take much battering.  I hope you managed to get the garden sorte, it is dissapointing when they end up looking mess. 



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