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Can I have a Trojan horse too Dove?   I'm nice and I didn't get a reasonable message from the nice lady 


Thank you Star Gaze Lily, I think you're nice too. And Verdun is nice. Did you get an unreasonable message, Verdun?

No I didn't busy and Im quite upset about that 

any blokes here get one?   Sorry, been watching Sherlock so I'm "detectivating". 

Stacey Docherty

Ooooo I'm obviously not nice either lol..... My life savings amounts to £14.86 after Xmas !!!!!!! Well I think you are all nice but alas I have nothing important to tell you 



I think we are all nice.

It is strange that the chaps haven't got a message, makes me think someone has taken time to read a bit about us. Did think people who posted on Hello thread might be recipients.

Verdun Holmes, how is your investigation progressing?  

It did make me laugh when I knew it wasn't just me who had received one. Maybe she can tell me where I've stashed the family silver, can't remember when I last saw it.


Gave us a laugh KEF 

Perhaps not quite what Miss V had in mind.


star gaze lily

Morning, just received millions of emails, and going through them one is from Miss Viviana. So i'm a nice person too! No crown jewels or riches stashed here either.

Kef I had to get off the naughty step and go to bed, think you forgot I was there 

Oooh smilies still have their hats 


It seems it's just 'a girl thing'    Perhaps she's got some employment opportunities for us - we're all a bit hard up after Christmas 


Dove you'll have to go on naughty step if you continue.


Too busy for naughty step today KEF so you'll have to excuse me  - got an Expotition planned - see Hello thread 

Daniel Haynes

Hello everyone,

Thanks for letting us know about the 'rogue' private messages. We've removed the account these were sent from. If you receive any further such messages, do please let us know, either on the forum, or by emailing

Many thanks,

Daniel Haynes



Thanks Daniel

I felt quite disappointed not to get one



Thank you Daniel. Happy New to you and team. Shucks just lost my new earning potential. ..

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