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Hello, I am wondering whether anybody has a stumpery, Victorian or other?Ever since I saw them on BBC Gardeners World, awhile ago, I have been fascinated with them.

Apart from ferns, what could I plant in ground which is more stone than soil?

star gaze lily

Hi Karools, there is another thread on stumperies, I'll see if I can find it and bump it up for you 

Thank you kindly, star gaze lily.

Pardon my ignorance, but what is bumping... in this context, of course?


star gaze lily

Just means.....'bumping' up the thread in front of other threads so people can see it

Thanx for that SGL.



I am just about to start my new project- a stumpery next to the yet to be dug bog garden.  Have made several hint to the other half but looks as though I will be digging this weekend, will line with heavy duty polythene and puncture some holes in it.

have a rheum, ferns, caltha etc.

Re a great url to see re stumperies, i redcored a TV programme on Ponds and Stumperies, thought I would upload to youtube, but it is already there.

If you google:

youtube garden revival stumperies

A great recently made programmes on ponds and stumperies, by Charlie Dimmock and Chris Beardshaw.

I don't know how to upload a long programme as thought you could only upload 15 minutes, I know this as I created a video for the first time (care and repotting of an olive tree) and uploaded it earlier this week.  It took 2 days to upload. I recorded my video on a galaxy  tablet and it looks as though I filmed it through a letterbox... the good news for me is you can only see the olive tree, large pot and my arms!...... oh and the Yorkshsire accent.....

Do post some photos of your stumpery, and better still why not have a go at creating a video on you doing it...............

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