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Is it true that if you purchase your G W subscription using clubcard vouchers you will not be considered a Subscriber? There fore not getting the offers open to them. I have received my GW magazine this way for some years.

I've purchased G W subscription with tesco clubcard vouchers for the last 2yrs and have sent for some of the offers without any problem.

Yep, same here - no problems getting the offers either.


I always have used tesco vouchers, no probs with discounts etc.


Thanks everyone. I,ll be renewing by this method again



Hi Patzz, just to confirm what everyone has said - your subscription bought via Tesco Clubcard is a full one, and gives you access to all the usual goodies, with no restrictions. 

Hope you enjoy your subscription – and maybe see you in the Gardeners' World Live Subscriber Lounge this summer?

All best, Lucy

How do I find out how many more magazines I get on this subscription?  I've got my Clubcard codes ready to renew but don't know when to start it.

Any suggestions please?

Thanks very much!

when you enter your surname, it needs to be be in capital letters otherwise keeps rejecting you!

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