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star gaze lily

I would like to fill a semi shady corner with a clematis which flowers through the summer. Any suggestions please.


Many thanks 

star gaze lily

Looked it up Dove, looks very nice. Also found another of very simular colouring called Fond Memories and a pinky one called Princess Alexandra.

Does anyone know anything about these please.


Don't know those ones Lily, but this is a pic of HF Young on my north-facing fence - it has huge blooms and flowers now and a second flush in September.



star gaze lily

That looks gorgeous Dove, lovely colour. Might have to get more than one now!!! 

comtesse de bouchaud blooms mid to late summer-color fades in sun so good in shade

star gaze lily

Many thanks David, I'm really spiolt for choice, will definitely have to get more than one lol

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