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Not all of them, but some are distorted. But not black. Is this black death in its early stages do you think?

Hello nut

What exactly is happening?  Are new shoots distorted and turning black?  

I have never experienced this on my plants but have heard of it. 

I would just keep an eye on them.  Are these plants together?   Possibly the weather is doing something !  As far as I'm aware there is no cure if your plants have this "black death" except to dig them up and dispose of them.  

I will check it out though.  Will do so after this post 



No black but distorted.

I had some like that last year but most of those are OK this.  It's my group of nearly black ones that are sick.

Nut then hold your nerve and see if they outgrow this virus.  I think if they do they may develop a resistance.  It's a virus, isn't it, so nothing else you can do. 

I always make a point of removing old leaves ASAP and flowered stems fairly quickly too plus a mulch of compost/dried manure to keep plants as healthy and clean as possible.

Good luck Nut.  


Thanks Verdun, I don't want to scrap them. They're probably in the poorest soil of any of my hellebores, so I'll give them a treat

Would it be worth cutting the whole plant(s) back now before the new leaves come?


Why, have you still got the old leaves on them?

Only remove leaves and let plant do what it can


I always remove the old leaves about now, whether there are any new ones or not.

I would also check for aphids on your plants. Unusual, but this year is so mild that many of them have survived and started feeding early. They are the vectors for the Black Death.

I would not be in too big a hurry to destroy the plants, try giving them a good dose of fungicide first.

If it is the Black Death then the plants will die, eventually. But it is a fairly rare occurrence.

We have over 1,000 hellebore hybrids and not seen any signs of it in any of ours (Bows to Hubris).




Old leaves still on because I haven't got round to removing them all Verdun

I'll get to it. I've done some of them.

Things have got a bit out of control here over the last couple of years. Big effort is being made now but a long way to go.

I'll give the hellebores priority. Thanks Verdun


Nut it will help to remove leaves

Good luck 

i did remove all old leaves couple of weeks ago,was hoping they'd have spread more,and snowdrops, am i too impatient will i have to wait years for real multiplication? can't really afford to buy more as tiny budget for garden earmarked for other things

Louise .

Watch for seedlings during the summer.  There could be lots of them.

Pot them up.....look at leaf colour, vigour,,etc because they are likely ro be variable.

I have a couple of seedlings that proved to be different and lovely 


Thank you all. I'll make a big effort to get out there and de-leaf for a start.   

I'm relieved that you don't all say dig up and burn, which I'd feared you would.

It doesn't take long to get babies going Louise, look for them under the old leaves when you cut those off. They don't travel far from the parent, not here anyway.

Snowdrops, clump up extremely quickly and can be split up to make new clumps and the singles will seed


I wimped out of gardening under trees today.

thanks verdun and nutcutlet, i'll go and investigate when rain stops!

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