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Just had to share my pictures with everyone




 I love vibrant colours 


Wow, so beautiful, i hope you are very pleased with yourself!

Flumpy.........they are all beautiful but No. 2 is a just doesn't look real does it ?  Amazing.......I just can't get over that

" vibrant colours".......well, who'd have guessed ?



Thank you, yes I am very proud, number two one of many Gazanias is my favourite too, I think all that compost and manure has paid off 


Lovely flowers.  The second picture looks suspiciously like a dahlia, do you know the name?


Certainly has and 10 very green fingers must have helped too


Daisy head case, the second picture is one of my Gazanias, my Dahlia's have not flowered yet, when they do I will put more pictures on 

star gaze lily

Beautiful flowers, flumpy. Love your Gazania, its lovely. Thank you for sharing 


Thanks again everyone , gardens bring a smile to your face don't they, I love spring and summer  A specially when I'm off work 


Your new raised bed has come on beautifully, the flowers are gorgous, very well done. I bet you are thrilled.


Well I love the gazania.  Well done.


The gazania now has it's own fan club  It's so perfect.


Thanks Lyn, thanks to my hubby building the raised bed we now have more room for more flowers, hey Lesley, (whisper) " I better not tell the other flowers Gazania has a fan club) ha ha only joking 

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