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I have a summer flowering Jasmine Officianale (excuse spelling), which is well established at the bottome of my garden. I wish to cut it back hard as it seems to be the only thing holding up my trellis, how far can i go?


You can cut it right back to within 12" or so from the base - it'll then throw up new shoots in the spring and you can organise them a bit cutting out weak growth and tieing in strong ones - you will have to wait a couple of years for it to flower again after such radical treatment but in the long term you'll have a better plant.

Give it a sprinkling of Fish Blood and Bone in the spring. 

I moved a summer jasmine in January this year.  I cut it hard back to 3 buds about 9-12" from ground level, dug it out and moved it and the trellis to a sunnier position.  Did nothing until end of May and then it started to grow.  By the time August came I even had 5 flowers on it!  Like their winter flowering relative, it's difficult to kill them.


Should i wait til it has dropped all its leaves?

Hiya ogster, 

No need to worry about leaf drop.  

I usually prune mid way in November.  However better to do this in early spring.  

I use a hedgetrimmer for now and then secateurs later 


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Just wondering if others on here have a west-facing jasmine of this type which, though vigorous as hell, produces hardly any flowers?

It's a very happy-looking plant, no competition, trained against a warm, west-facing brick wall.

It's 3 years old.



Jess, it's prob because it's "happy" that it isn't producing flowers.  

I cut mine back fairly hard every year and basically leave it then to,it's own devices. I apply a,light dusting of fish blood n bonee very spring.

Being only 3 years old though it may not be ready to prob will next year.  

A west facing wall,should be,good for it.  

Jess is in the Garden
Thanks Verdun aka my garden guru
Should I wait til spring to chop it you think?

Yes.  Best in spring 


Are you sure your not Monty Don Verdun lol

Yes!  Yes I am Monty Don.    


 can i have your autograph

Jess is in the Garden

 ogster and Verdun : my username used to be ilovemontydon - sad, I know...

I love me too Patsy 


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