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Hello Peeps, I've managed to germinate five sunflower seeds. They are about half a foot tall and in pots. Will they grow to their full potential in big pots or do they really need to be in the ground? Thanking you x


Depends which sunflowers you have...........imo, always better in ground but.if you are limited to pots and  have one  large enough , the dwarf types may well be ok.............if you have Russian Giant............plant in the garden and stand well back

Check which ones you have and their flowering height and go from there.


My sunflowers last year ... I didn't realise they grew so tall!  I also had some in pots and they flowered well but didn't grow as tall.


Charley.......they look good.............did you ever manage to see out of your window

If you left the heads to ripen, I bet you got lots of little birds after the seeds

flowering rose

in the ground they need to be or they will go lanky and not near walls as they soak up all the water they can and that's not good for a wall! they drink  a lot and at first you will have to protect from slugs.


Philippa - thanks - and no, we couldn't see out of our lounge window for a lot of the summer!  I couldn't believe how tall they grew and some of the stems produced about 4 huge flowers. 

Personally, I won't be growing sunflowers again because of the space they take up under ground.  I hardly had any soil left in that bed after I dug the sunflowers up and my Azaleas didn't flower this year - probably because there was no goodness left in the soil!!!

All good fun though and great experience.

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