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..very nice....lots of things going on there... I always use pea shingle to break up ground - lots of it... it makes a world of difference when you try to plant something...

Hi our front garden is west/ south west have loads of peonies and the neighbours have a huge camellia, I planted mine in front too but it,s tiny yet


I think it will take another year for the peonies, but thankyou Salino, will vermiculite or perlite do the same job?


Hello Ogster,

Yes it will, but you don't need it and they are both expensive  - the sand will provide the drainage and the horse muck the goodness.  Keep it well watered, especially if we get some sun! What you have planted looks lovely already - it's so nice to see a bit of greenery instead of a lot of paving in front gardens - good luck.

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