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Greetings my fellow garden enthusiasts, hope all is well in your gardens this spring. 

I have a south/south west facing front paved small garden at the front of my terrace house. I was thinking of pulling up some of these paving stones and planting a some perennials. I was thinking either Peonies or Camelia's any other suggestions?

I wouldn't put camellia's  in there, too much early morning sun would burn the new buds in winter/spring. There are loads of other shrubs/perennials you could choose. you could choose.


Its only 10'x5' Edd, i was going to remove some cracked paving stones, make a border at the boundary brick wall, and plant some shrubs, as i still have my bins out front?

Choisya's (Mexican Orange blossom) are nice............the golden one particularly.....evergreen and perfumed.........a good antidote to your bins.  The likes of Rosemary , Thymes , etc would look good against the remainder of your paving.  A few nasturtiums for summer too perhaps?


Thought you was in the SS then Edd lol, great ideas though. Out front, no kids, no use for the land. and Philippa also great ideas thankyou.



Would i be ok with Peonies though?


Ogster..........don't know much about Peonies but I think they would like your aspect............someone else will know more tho and I'm sure they will be along soon to offer better advice 

Only thing I would say is that the Peony is a short season so combine with something which will give you more foliage for a longer period.

Peonies would do well there, but as phillipa says they only flower for a short period, so to spread the flowering season plant a mixture of perennials. 


 There you go Edd, this is my front patch of land!


So no more input? Im thinking of a few Peonies, interspersed with ground cover to negate the cats, also possibly Dicentra/Foxglove/ Anemone's or something similar, this is all along the wall by the way, which is covered from wind, but gets amazing sunlight after midday?

Victoria Sponge

Hi ogster,

I would definitely pull the slabs up too and plant it up.

So many plants can go in a S/SW facing garden, it's hard to say as it is what you like personally.

The peonies will be fine, as others have said though, they don't flower for very long and have a tendency to get trashed if it rains 

There is an app called plant genie by crocus which is quite handy- it picks up your grid, you answer a few questions and it brings up suitable plants. It's by crocus, but of course you don't have to purchase from them. The tool on their website is useful too, for narrowing down choices and seeing what you like.


I'd go for a cottage-style planting - paeonies, foxgloves, a pretty rose (Bonica would do very well there)  surrounded by forget-me-knots and tulips in the spring and alchemilla mollis later on, and then some Aster frikartii Monch and some pink Achillea 'Pretty Belinda' for autumn colour. 

Choisya there for me too....the yellow ay burn a little there so I would go for usual green.  Perfect.  Camelias would hate it there.  Peonies look awful when not in flower and they flower for such a short time.

I would not clutter it with lots of fiddly plants.  A choisya with geranium rozanne or Ann Folkard would give aromatic foliage all year round, scented white flowers in spring, blue (rozanne) or Magenta (Ann folkard) flowers all,summer.

Ogster dicentras, anemone, foxglove !  Not for me.  Too sunny and not enough value in them there.  



I'd back Choisya as well and would use Irises and hardy geraniums for a bit of variation in height. Something like Potentilla would be happy and give colour for along time with the geraniums and without too much maintenance, and Hebes would be happy and give structure with the Choisya- loads of varieties to choose from. You could add a large pot for seasonal interest and have spring bulbs as well. I'd agree with Verd about the dicentras and foxgloves - think they'd struggle in that sun.


Got ya Verdun, ive actually planted two Peonies against some of you fellow gardeners advice as i do think they are amazing, impatiens, snap dragon, petunias, anemones and dug up a large Bergenia and transplanted it their too,ill take pics when in full bloom i hope but the soil is extremely sandy and dense due to being under slabs for a while i hope.! 




 Hi guys not in full bloom yet but im concerned as before as the soil is very dense with the sandy substrate and being under slabs for so long, i have added horse muck, but would it be a good idea to add perculite or vermiculite to help brake it up?






..very nice....lots of things going on there... I always use pea shingle to break up ground - lots of it... it makes a world of difference when you try to plant something...

Hi our front garden is west/ south west have loads of peonies and the neighbours have a huge camellia, I planted mine in front too but it,s tiny yet


I think it will take another year for the peonies, but thankyou Salino, will vermiculite or perlite do the same job?