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Can any one advise me how long it will take for October sown sweet peas to germinate please?  They are kept in an unheated greenhouse.

Many thanks.


Well, mine were germinating in the pods on the vine. I gently transplanted them into root trainers.

Bought seed which was dry, should germinate in a couple of weeks( if the mice don't eat them)


Might take a little while ER unless they get a bit of heat, so it'll depend on what the weather is in the coming weeks. I've never done them at this time of year but I'm sure others will have done and can give you a better idea. 

did mine about 4 weeks ago and they took about a week, started in GH then into coldframe.


They don't need heat


flowering rose

They  dont take long and I plant them in in the card board toilet rolls as this protects the roots and you can transfer them straight into the planting site and the cardboard justs rots.I was advised to plant in oct which is best but this time because of the heavy rain last year ,I might delay untill spring.


7-14 days usually for germination.

I always put mine a piece of damp kitchen roll 24 hours before planting,suggested by the late Geoff Hamilton,seems to speed things up a bit.

hollie hock

I'd say a few weeks at this time of year

Thanks for everyone's replies.

The first batch I planted "Heirloom" in mid October in tubes in the greenhouse have done nothing at all yet.  I planted a batch of "Fragrantissima" about three weeks later and half have sprouted.

Is it worthwhile leaving the first batch to see if they do anything or are they a lost cause?

Thanks David, that sounds like a good plan for tomorrow.

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