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I have roughly 60 sweetpeas growing along a net frame against my fence 1.6 m high.

They are now 5 - 6 inches above . 

Should i nip off the tops or just let them fall or break off by thier self ? 

The colours and smell are brilliant , looking at them this morning i positive they grew another 1" through the night.  Any tips for a 3 year old newbie gardener. Thanks in advance                                                                                                                                            Mike.






Huya mike

Yes  nip out the tips.....just as with runner beans etc.between forefinger and thumb ...nice and cleanly done.


Remember to keep cutting them, and bringing them inside, to keep the flowers coming too. Mine are only just starting to flower now so I'm very envious.

PS you type very well for a 3 year old Mike....



You could also give them a feed and plenty of water now., I have found the stems on my flowers are getting thinner and shorter, than earlier on in the season. I soaked them last night and gave them a feed of soluble fertiliser this morning .

You might need your mum to mix the feed though.

Hi and thanks for the tips.

Will nip the tops off and start cutting the flowers too, there are loads.

Mummy said she would look out a pair of saftey scissors for me to use.

; ). cheers mike.



Like Fairygirls, mine also just started flowering, later than I had expected, Cant wait, I love these lovely little flowers with their heavenly scent



You will need a ladder to pick those sweet peas. I hope your mummy n daddy have told ??ou that you can't eat them...they are not sweet tasting peas.

Hi fairygirl

I cut 30-40 flowers this morning and have 2 small vases on the kitchen widow cill and the smell from them is gorgeous.

I also nipped most of the sweetpeasat fence height, this is my first attempt at them and grew them from seed myself and am really chuffed. 

Thanks again for the advice , from all , i love reading all the tips and advice on here.




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