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I cannot believe Gardeners' World is dropping Toby Buckland after such a short time. Admittedly it took a while for him to settle in to the role but he had become the first credible replacement for Geoff Hamilton, practical, affable - and professional.
Can anyone tell me if my Ceonothus hedge will recover from last years severe weather. All the leaves have turned black and are falling off. The hedge looks very sad.
I can't believe Monty Don, and Rachel are coming back, have the BBC not heard the old saying you can never go back. All Gardeners World needs is Carole, and watch the viewing figures rise.
Daisydolittle: Perhaps is about the best I can offer at the moment, sorry, but don't give up yet. Watch out for new leaves breaking over the next few weeks.
I hear that Monty Don is back. Isn't he the guy who had us rushing out to buy Mediterranean and drought tolerant plants, most of which have since died due to the cold, damp British climate?


Gardeners world, won't be the same without Alys. Her quirky and unusual approach, brightened the programme up. Only Alys could make flower salads seem intersting. Her presentation made gardening more interesting. Can we have a repeat of her mini series please, complete with chickens.
I thought Toby and Alys were painful to watch. They are no doubt lovely people and great gardeners but their over scripted attempts at being natural and just happening to bump into each other or just happening to be talking about what the other was doing were like having your fingernails plucked out with rusty secateurs. Not sure about going back to Monty though - surely there's some fresh talent out there that could appeal to everyone and cover gardening for all budgets and sizes without talking to me like I'm back at play school.
Did not like Toby and Alys when they took over gardening world but as the series progressed I really enjoyed the programme very sad that they have been dropped. Also what has happened to the gardening they were creating . It was lovely what a waste of time and money (licence money). Although I like Monty Don , he seems to be calling the shots re: using his own garden. Bring back Toby and Alys in some programmes please
I'm gutted that Toby has been replaced - he was so approachable for a non-gardening expert to watch. Watch the viewing figures decline further.
I'm very disappointed as well. This evening i am watching Garderers Wold here at my home in The Netherlands. This year, after living in a very nice flat for 11 years, i will have a garden of my own. i was looking forward to Toby and Alys and get a lot of ideas from them. As many of you state, i do not dislike Monty, but truth is, the down to earth (haha) approach of Toby and Alys i like best. Anyway: BBC give them a new program and please on BBC1 or 2 so i shall be able to receive it here in Holland as well.
first episode of gardeners world was a total bore fest - please bring back Toby and Alys bbc
gutted that toby and alys are no longer on gardeners world,found monty's garden lifeless and dull.glad to see you are well monty,but not impressed by program. bring back toby and alys even if it's a new program.
The programme made me angry and disappointed (there was useful information given other than obvious points or bad advice). Toby Buckland was fantastic - what is going on? I get the impression that those people supporting Monty just like watching tv (probably in a retirement home), the rest of us also want to actually do some gardening. As soon as Toby is back on tv I will watch it.
Why are Alys and Toby not presenting in the new series. They were 'down to earth' and more in touch with common gardeners like ourselves. We particularly liked the instructive demonstrations and projects that gave us inspiration and looked forward to the new series; we are so disappointed!
Ahhh just when I found someone I could connect with on the Gardeners world show, you take him off. Bring back Toby Buckland, he was practical, informative and down to earth. I am afraid that Monty Don is too up market for the average person.


Not living in a retirement home (and hopefully got another 40 -50 years to go before I get there) and now the first year I've had been lucky enough to get an allotment-I would ask people in the Toby camp to give Monty a chance. I've been gardening for 15 years and personally, didnt feel I was learning anything new when Toby was on the programme. I appreciate that this is not a reflection on Toby, but a focus of the programme makers at the time. There's so much that i have learnt-little tricks that you cant get from any book-in the last three programmes- than I did in 2 years of the previous format. I guess you cant please all the people all of the time. BTW re viewing figures-they're up by 70,000.
i thought Toby Buckland was good getting back to basics for beginners like me come back please
Toby Buckland on Gardeners' World, was knowledgeable and delightful to watch and listen to, and equally importantly, he had a totally unpatronising manner. I am an enthusiastic gardener and by no means expert in any way, and I found Toby's manner absolutely spot on - he is enthusiastic and educational and has a lovely sense of humour. I also found the gardening tips and advice on his GW interesting and valuable for all levels of gardener. I have nothing at all against Monty Don, and am please he is now well enough to again present, but I have to say I agree with others' comments that he is not what most of us want on GQ. (His Italian Garden programmes - perfect). What I also feel aggrieved about, is that in the GW magazine just prior to the new series, and in this new series itself, there has been no mention of Toby - if he was originally covering for Monty whilst he convalesced, there has not been any thanks or acknowledgement. Please, please, can Toby have his own programme?
I have to admit that having seen the way Toby and Alys were treated by the BBC, I haven't had any inclination to watch Gardeners' World this series. I find Monty Don pompous and out of touch with 'real' gardeners and Toby was shaping up nicely to step in to Geoff Hamilton's boots. Toby, Alys and Carol were forging a good team and offered practical advice for those of us who garden on a tight budget and also with little time. If not on GW, can we have them back in another format. I read in my local paper that Greenacre has been left to rot - a very sensible use of BBC funds (not). I will be terminating my GW subscription too and I must admit I was very annoyed that there was no forewarning on Toby's demise nor has his work been acknowledged. What a farce!
Completely agree with the last post from Respighi. Gardeners World this series is really dull and boring. Last year with Toby and Alys it had something for everyone whether beginner or expert. If Monty continues I'm going to be driven out to the pub!