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Haven't been watching GW now for weeks, though I've enjoyed the daily program about the Chelsea Flower show. I've watched 3 episodes of GW this year and was so bored, fed up and irritated with the arrogant, patronizing way Monty Don was presenting that I swore not to be watch any GW episode as long as he is presenting. I had no GW subscription but used to be a copy at the newsagents but also this I've stopped doing so. As nobody seems to take our reactions serious here on this blog (especially the December one) at least I will not longer financially support their actions. How they dared to promote Monty Don's arrival in such a way and keep silent about Toby? This could easily be seen as some kind of internal settlement of the account. I've started watching when good old Geoff was still...superb...and I've started watching again when Toby and Alys were on the show...great, I became interested again in my 3300 sq metres garden that had been neglected since my divorce...but now with dull, boring Monty...NO MORE GW.
I like your wishes and add my own. 1.I hope that more of my plants have survived at -18 than I think. 2.That all my new seeds actually grow. 3. That the BBC make a mature and sensible decision and give us back Toby and Alys as I want to learn more about gardening.

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