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Oh yes, what a blessing the rain was at the weekend here in Yorkshire! Everything just shot up. I wish there was a way of using grey water on an allotment? I can't think of one. Last summer was very dry also, I remember - and at our new allotments the tap hadn't yet been installed...
It is so great to have Monty back. I love his style and approach. I have learned loads from him.
Glad all of you have had rain. Our frogs even ventured out on Saturday night, so it must have been wet! My poor dad in Suffolk has not had a drop of rain in 10 weeks though, still very dry there.. Fingers crossed he'll get some soon. Kate
I think Monty is doing well, took a couple of weeks for me to get used to him, but i like his approach, and the programme format in general, with a look round other peoples gardens,and the trouble shooting.
im always inspired by monty don i love watching gardeners world my garden is looking good thanks for the tips monty


For the last week we have had showers. And the ground is still dry. But to day sunday 15th of may it has raind all day.And that is grate it is the first full day of rain for ages in kirkby nr liverpool
Praying hard..need some rain here in the South!! Am also keeping any waste water,picked my first HUGE strawberry (hanging basket) it was soooo fab and juicy,will be using this method in future,and they look so pretty too!Have a good day!
this isnt enough....we need more rain than this people...the mud is to dry which means the rain will not go down deep enough....more please mother nature.....

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