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I have a Victoria plum tree in my garden and it has been doing well for the last few years. However, this year it gots lots of leaves but hardly got any flowers on it? Does anyone know why? Please suggest.
My Victoria Plum is two/three years old. It started off OK this year with nice growth and good fruit development. However, one branch has become sad, is wilting. The leaves are also wilting, and the fruit have stopped developing. The other branches, leaves, and fruit seem fine. Any ideas please?
We had a huge crop of plums on our tree which is 5 years old this year. This morning I looked out and most of them are all on the ground!! Why?
We have a plum tree and as far as we can find out it may have been there 20 years or more, we have been here for two years and have just created a garden from a jungle!! the plum tree was lovely last year but this year it seems to have a problem the leaves are turning brown and crunchy on most of the branches but not all the leaves and it has started oozing (the best way i can describe it) orange sap, it sets hard on the branches the plums do not seem to be forming very well at all, can anyone help us novice gardeners??
Hi Rhys, My plum tree has done exactly the same i have tried spraying it feeding it but it is just sad and wilting and only has skinny branches. Anyone have any ideas. thanks.


I have a young Victoria plum and this is the first year that I have seen it with leaf on, the leaves have mostly come out with a effect that the leaves look as though they have been burnt and just crumble away I have tried spraying and have now cut the branches back, the leaves were full of holes and turning brown, can you advise me as to what it could be.
I planted a victoria plumb tree about 3 years ago, this is the first crop of fruit it has had, but the plumbs have stopped growing and are hard and green, and not very big, is this normal for its first crop?
Hi, I have a plum tree which is about 10 years old,up until the last 3 years I've had lovely fruit from it. The last 3 years all the fruits begin to ooze a gel like bubbling substance, I'm assuming pectin, and this year, the fruits have also split heavily and oozed even more. I took some advice a couple of months ago and started to feed it weekly and then 2 weekly, this seems to have worsened the problem, or something has as this year is the worst they have been for bursting and oozing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
I have a neglected victoria plum tree about 6 years old. It is August, can I prune it? There are a few plums on it, but are a long way from being ripe, and the new growth is very long.
My Victoria plumb has had no fruit this year and its leaves are all curled up and not at all them selves. any ideas
I have had my allotment now for three years in which we planted some apple both eating and cooking a plum and cherry tree. When I planted them I mulched the base by covering with black sheeting and chopped bark. This year I had three plums on my tree which were okay. But when went to clear the base of weeds I took the cover back and cleared the bark only to find an enormous ant nest. Subsequently my plum tree leaves have shrivelled and the poor tree looks absolutely dead. Could somebody tell me if this is normal for a plum tree or could it possibly have been the ants. Thanking you in advance for any advice anyone can offer.
To Dr Andy Downie, Our Department of Agriculture in Northern Ireland has been encouraging people to restore old orchards and traditional varieties under the Countryside Management Scheme, which is part of the Rural Development Programme. Here's a link to the press release. It looks like Defra does something similar with its Countryside Stewardship Projects.
I have an bramley apple tree i want to cut back, when do i do it and can i take a cutting from one of the new shoots that are sprouting?
I Have the same problem as Tom 7th July, the tree is only very young I have had it about twelve months, it was bought with leaves on it and they seemed to be ok, but this year the leaves are all looking as though they have been burnt put them in your hand and they would crumble, so I cut all the branches of the tree, new branches have started to develop with a lot more clean growth but still a few damaged ones remain. Can you help Thanks Tom
The plums on my tree this year have split rough skins and what looks like mildew/mould on them. Please could anyone shed some light as to the cause and if possible cure. Thanks Frank


Help, moved house, have plum tree(s) but think they are Reine Claude variety. Where can I see a picture of the fruit to confirm, and the actual botanical name of this.
Have moved house and acquired about 17 fruit trees, apples, pear, plum, peach, abricot, cherry and fig! (live in S.. of France!) but need to be able to identify this lot, is there a website where I can see photos of fruit etc that would help. All ideas gratefully received!
My Victoria plum tree is looking sick this year. The leaves are a third of the size they should be. Last year's crop lush and thick, you can see right through the branches. There is fruit but it does not look like they will get into plum size. Some of the leaves are a little yellow, some have fallen off. It is not a large tree,and is about 30 years old. Help please?
My victoria plum tree is looking really poorly. We moved to this house 3 years ago, I think the plum tree is very well established at least 20 years old. It bore lovely fruit for the last 2 years, the previous owner also advised that the fruit had always been good,has looked very healthy but this year most of the leaves have now gone yellow and dropped off and the fruit that was on there is now dried and just looks like raisins. It has a curly wurly flaky growth on most of the branches (fungus?)Can anyone help?
Hello, Could anyone tell me the month in which victoria plums are ripe to eat? Thank you, It would be very helpful.