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Not that keen on ajuga, so will probably try it with something else. Asarum, maybe...
I love all Acer's if I owned a bigger garden I must addmit I'd have them all over the place. But I do have 4 in pots around my garden that need repotting this spring.
My garden is situated in an exposed area on the south western Irish Coast, I am interested in a wind resistent acer and other plants. I use a lot of containers
is there an Acer that is wind tolerant?
One of the most beautiful trees you can have in the garden.


I read somewhere that Acers do not like strong morning sunshine.
I have two acers, they do not seem to be coping at all well in the ground, they are yellowing round the edges and curling at the tips of the leaves. I'm not toosure if they are in tto much sunlight or in the wrong position can someone give me some sound advice onthese as I love them and do not want to lose them??
My Acers are all in pots in a north-facing walled garden! They aeem to have survived the awful winter we have just had. I will wait a little longer before removing the dead twigs. They are well sheltered and receive sunshine mid-day.
My friend gave me my first Acer last year i potted it up and nurtured it all summer - i paniced all winter as it was so small but it has survived the worst winter possible and looks beautiful -im certainly looking to purchase another.
HI i have 3 canna lilies which is my first time for them, BUT they are now eaten alive i think with wire worms, found one on the largest of them ,i could cry,they also appear to have leaf spot i think and my roses have that as well. i NEED some advice to deal with them i am heartbroken and sad x carol mck
my pot grown acer needs re potting, is it ok to use just rhodedendron compost, or should i mix it with somethin else , also , should i put bonemeal in with the soil at the bottom of the pot ?
i have canna lilies all doing well for my first try at them BUT
I have 3 Acers in pots and this year they came into leaf as usual but then developed a leaf problem. The leaves turned very crispy looking on all 3 of them as if they were burned. One is 20 years old and the other 2 are 15 years old. I have not moved the pots from where they have always been and have no idea what has attacked them or caused this Is there any way I can save them?
all my acers have curled leaves either in pots or ground, neighbour said its with the wind. we live in west Cumbria x carolmck
I like the this idea, my Acer has been growing very well in it's large container for a couple of years now, I'll try to ajuga around the base ...

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