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16/12/2009 at 16:57
You could be sitting on a fortune,Pippa - algae is the new black gold of the energy world. But I do agree it can be slippery on the drive however. better to get it off before a covering of snow makes it really treacherous.
18/12/2009 at 01:50
too late to do anything about the garden now, already under snow for how long I wonder, quiet a few inches out there already, algae, pestalence, rain snow frost and fog, what a year it's been. Happy Christmas and a great New Year, to you all.
28/11/2011 at 18:40
My garden too has been under a snow blanket for a few days. I don't know about algae but my pond is frozen so i expect the water based onea are gone at least. I have had your on line scapbook for a year now and find it helpful. Every week i learn something new and have tried out some things with sucess. As a beginner i find the projects particularly helpful. Happy Christmas to all the team and good gardening in 2010 to all fellow readers.
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