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My garden looked tired, so I brought out a Chusan Palm that was hiding under a Lilac and planted it in a very large pot and mounted it on a 'Riven' paving slab against the fence in a sunny spot. Then I added diametrically opposite a Cistus ladanifer, in another border; opposite that I planted a Paeonia Delavayi var.angustiloba. Across the drive I planted a new Phyllostachys vivax 'Aureocaulis', with a stand of Rosemary (rescued from somewhere else in the garden), beneath it, as a foil for it. With a couple of Goji-Berry bushes, planted, and waiting for when Spring shows its gentle greens everything will wake up and help along my 'new-face' Garden!
yea u say that your allottment is clean try mine it has been a while since ive got on it will hope to soon if the weather gets better
I wonder if someone can advise. I have recently taken on an overgrown allotment and am not sure of the best way to get rid of the weeds. Can roundup be used in a garden where veg is grown? If so how long to wait until you can plant? Is the black plastic, or carpet better to use? I hate pesticides but want to proper start to get it in good condition.
Hi Valerie, I wouldn't use Roundup if I were you. You can't be sure that it won't kill bacteria in the soil, worms and beneficial insects as well as the weeds. Your soil needs all of these things to be in tip top condition. Carpet and plastic sheeting can be beneficial, but don't leave them for too long as they can be a pain to remove, and carpet can leach chemicals into the soil. I would advise some good old fashioned digging. Work on a small area at a time, removing all weeds and weed roots. Then plant potatoes in your first year to suppress further weed growth and break up the soil.
I totally agree with the comment the chap made about untidy allotments in Februarys edition. Where mine is some of them are a disgrace as he said give them a month if they don't tidy them up then evict them. there are 1000 people on a waiting list to get one whoever is in charge is not doing there job correctly so if they cant tidy them up throw them out and give someone else a chance


Anyone with experience in growing GOJI berry plants, that can help me. Have Four plants gown from plugs, in pots, and one in garden, growth rate phenominal they are now over three foot high. Every time I put them in the sun the leaves start to wilt, bring them back in they revive. One in the garden not grown so well, so any help would be wellcome.
My plants are now 6 foot high in pots and the one in garden 2foot 6 inches. Trimmed the tops off and they started shooting out all the way up the stem. The growth rate as to be seen to be believed. Still can't find any definative growing instructions, so anyone that as grown these bushes from plugs can you help me.
I have four goji plants in my allotment. The first one i got is now about 8ft high.I have got it on a fence. Two of the others are cordens. And the last one is on an arch. I have had them now for a year now So i have herd they flower on the second year.

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