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I and my fellow plot holder's also had a bad year with tomatoes thanks to Captain Blight, the only survivors on our site this year are in greenhouses, I wonder what i will be building over the winter lol
What is wrong with our potato's. We grew them successfully but when we boil them they fall apart. Can anyone suggest a reason why? The type are Maris Piper. Anyone else had this problem?
Hi there, could somebody tell me why my tomato plants have flowers but are producing no tomatoes after flowering is over? is there a way to hand pollinate the flowers?
Yes, strawberry pixie, you can with a soft paintbrush. You need to have plants near your tomatoes to bring in the pollinating insects. Have a look in an open garden or the neighbours and note which flowering plants are buzzing with insects and beg or buy one of those.
I tried to grow Marmande for the second year in pots in a different area of my garden but they also got blight. I am hoping that it has not spread to my other varieties which unfortunately were in the same area. I am cutting back all the foliage and keeping my fingers crossed


last year i noticed six black runner bean seeds in the seed i saved from the year before, i planted them and have started collecting the seed this year, the bean is about 16 inches long and a good shape,are there any black beans on the market as these are the first i have seen, i will collect as many as i can and plant a full row next year to see what they tast like i look korward to your reply regards DJMatthews
We are running an allotment for our local pre-school any ideas for things to plant now that will get the little ones interested in Sept / Oct?
does anyone know when sweet potatoes are ready to harvest? i have grown them for the first time, through mypex and they look very healthy.
Pixie you must tap the flower heads gentley to set the flowers into producing your glut of tomato's,it never fails, good luck next time.
Can anyone tell me why some of the new canes for next years summer fruiting raspberries have fruited this year. This has never been a problem before. Should I cut them out like the old canes or leave them in? Help!
Advice from anyone please!! Parts of my garden are dying - leaves wilting and turning brown/yellow. It started with runner beans and has now attacked a grapevine, acer, hardy rambler (Kiftsgate), and a very sturdy large leafed ivy. There are small holes in the cine leaves but I can find no insects. I have, however had lots of cabbage whites in the garden this year.
Nearing the end of the tomato harvest, we have picked, bottled, sauced, dried, chutneyed and frozen just over 100 lb of beautiful tomatoes from 33 plants, just a few left to riped and we can take the plants up, a great result here in Mindya, Bulgaria,
Maris Piper disintegrate too easily. If you need to boil, watch over them and remove from the heat just as soon as a knife does not meet with any resistance. Best used for chips. I like Wilja or Marfona for boiling/mash and King Edwards for chips and roast. :)
I'm afraid I too got the tomato blight. Seven lovely plants ruined. Such a shame, as they were growing wonderfully outside, with many good sized fruit. It all happened very quickly. I was gutted, as I had raised these plants from babies.


anyone had wasp trouble.My ripe tomatoes have been nibbled at, at least I think it is wasps, never known them to attack tomatoes before?
I too suffered from blight on my tomatoes, had great success with onions, peas, beetroot, new potatoes and salads though, also my sweetcorn is growing well still obviously doesnt mind the rain !
Can anyone advise please we are looking to transfer to a larger unmaintained plot on our allotment site but have 3 X 2 yr old fruit trees and 3 x 1yr that will need to be moved sometime before January 2010 after the new plot is prepared to take them. What is the best way of doing this and when.
I seem to be having a problem with growing beetroot? Lots of healthy leaves but no beets. Does anyone have some ideas on how to solve this problem? Jackie
jackie i am only new to allotment gardening the two years i have been growing beetroot i grow it on the rotation that has just got fertelisers on it i hope that helps