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I took up an allotment this year, but after constant nagging from my better half i was forced to dedicate some time to my garden at home, hard work but glad i did it now i feel less horticulturaly guilty now :)
My garden is well established, big shrubs and trees, no bedding plants, small lawn and free ranging chickens, so it is fairly low maintenance. However, I'm ashamed to confess that I pay my next door neighbour (who runs a garden maintenance business) to keep it under control. I do some work and am planning a big overhaul for the late autumn, but the few hours that he has put in this year, and the lawn mowing every week, have left me guilt free about spending all my time on my allotment.


Haveing taken on my allotment in September this year i have made the choice of keeping my soft fruit in the garden, along with lettuce & tomatoes. Thank god for the rain as i shall now be able to get the plot dug. Just about managed to get in the onions & garlic. I now have to dig the other 4rods. Roll on the spring when i can really get planting.
I'm running a small business in Cornwall converting people's back gardens into vegetable patches - why not combine the two? Especially people who can't get on the allotment waiting lists/ can't make the journey each day. It's great for the grandkids to come and help, and you can tidy the other bits as you head to and from the veg plot!
There are allotments not far from were we live, but again there are long waiting lists. However having a fulltime jobs, being a plant aholic and having the possibility of growing our own fruit and veg we converted our back garden this year after moving into the house last year. The back garden is not huge but we have managed with an area for soft fruit, three beds for veg plot and currently we are working on the the garden side. Having the veg plot in our own back garden has given us heaps of pleasure and veg. Cant wait for the flowers next year as well.
i think that it is true.I know someone that has an alottment and the garden in a reck so if u have and alottment that take tiime off in your own garden and look after it well.
I am not suprised that you have worked out how to get the best from both worlds, I on the other hand do all my gardening at home, unable to take on the extra work of an allotment. have grown things in pots but you can only do so much but what I have grown I have really enjoyed as I know that no pestisides have been used, this is the real reason for being organic, to know that we are not poisoning our selves in the process.
We started our allotment after Easter this year after growing in the garden and running out of room now the garden has been neglected, we have just started putting the veg beds back to shrubs and plants hoping to make it low maintenance and just concentrate on the greenhouse at home with the veg and fruit at the allotment, really looking forward to planting out properley in the spring.
i have an allotment in northwood kirkby liverpool i started two years ago i needed sumthing to do becouse i hade to give work up through illness but i loved my back garden now i have no time for my back garden but lots of time for my allotment the allotments are not a a big one ther is seven plots on it and a big pollytunel nothing in it the other plots are run by girls and one man is name is john and the girls have stayed away all year so me and john have done the hole allotment areselfs no one with us we grow all are own plants and take are own cutings thats the reson why i dont get the time to do my garden help?
I have an allotment in west yorkshire and we have 2 spare allotments which are very overgrown and desperate to be worked. if anyone has the time and makes the effort they are on a wonderful site.
I know the feeling about serving two masters! I am thinking of moving my raspberries from the allotment to the garden as they need picking daily and I haven't had time this year. I have tomatoes, sweet peppers,blackberries and letuces in the garden rather than on the allotment, and it seems to work pretty well.

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