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Emma Crawforth

Hello karenlincoln,

In order to make good compost you need moisture in the bin. Have a look at Chris Beardshaw's video where he talks about layering wet materials with dry materials. It sounds as though your compost hasn't decomposed enough yet to be used as a mulch. Putting unrotted material on beds can actually harm plants. If you have a lawn, the best thing to do would be to layer wet grass clippings with the dry, half-rotted compost. Then it will all rot down well together. You may need to buy/make a second compost bin so that you can do this more easily. If you're not going to be collecting grass clippings, keep watering your compost. It will eventually rot down. Give it a really good soak as it can be hard to make water penetrate a really dry bin. If you can, move it to a shady area, so it doesn't dry out in the sun. When the bin is cooler and moister, it won't attract the ants.

Good luck!

Emma team

we are suffering from wickedly vicious biting red ants in the garden, my granchilren are unable to play outdoors without being attacked and my husband seems to be getting stronger and stronger reactions. urgent help ...............please

Just found yellow ants in my grape vine, tried the onion thing - hopefully this will do the job

Ants like dry ground, hence you find them under paving slabs and find them in clay if it is dry. Solution is to keep it wet.

Sybille, how did you apply the baking powder?  Dry?  


do you use neat vinegar to get rid of ants in greenhouse and will it damage the soil or growing grops

clairybelle i like the vinegar idea do you dilute it and will i damage the plants growing near


I am definitely going to try the sliced onion idea.  I am plagued with ants in the garden every summer, although luckily none come in the house.  I hate them almost as much as I hate slugs.  The black ones are a nuisance and the red ones are worse. 

I remember once seeing a blackbird sitting on my garden path picking up ants with its beak and dropping them on its wings.  He spread his wings out on the path as if he was encouraging the ants to bite them.  I wondered if there was something in formic acid which kills mites in their feathers?

I have recently moved to this bungalow, but the lawn is very lumpy and difficult to mow. How can I defeat the ants? Dennis, Leighton Buzzard

does salt work

Not sure about ants liking dry lawn is covered in colonies of red ants & we've had near constant rain for about 4 weeks (and yes, we do still have a drought??)

Will definately try the vinegar as my daughter loves to play on the lawn & we have 2 minature long haired Dachshunds...consquently, their bellies are very near the ground!!!

Paul, Wisbech, Cambs


Put some sand in bowl...and pour red rum, about a double measure, in the middle. The ants enter, consume the rum, get violent and start throwing rocks at each other.

Pottie Pam

Sybille suggested bicarbonate of soda. My daughter heard that if you mix it with icing sugar the ants take that back to the nest and it kills them. I tried it in the conservatory and it seems to have worked, just the occasional ant now.

Pottie Pam

Like dodd's idea but ants with hangovers


We have a concrete planter on our balcony and up until earlier this month I had never seen a single ant and now we seem to be infested with them.   I'm going to try the onion and polenta treatments and see how we get on.  I'm wondering if the ants are responsible for the death of two lavender plants.  Can ants kill plants?



How can I get rid of ant that have invaded my compost bin please?
How do I get rid of ants that have invaded my compost bin please.

Ants in a compost bin is usually a sign it is too dry-give it a good drenching and they will go elsewhere

I have many colonies of red + flying Ants in my lawn...It is driving me mad!
How do I get rid of them please?....I have sandy soil & my small lawn is treated regularly by a well known Lawn treatment company!
I have tried Nipon, but to date, no joy!

My grand daughter loved the red rum joke. She read it to her grand dad.