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My apple tree leaves are diseased. The top of the leaf looks like apple scab, the underside is white /orange and raised slightly fluffy. Is this apple scab? If I cut off all the infected leaves will that stop it from re-occuring or do I have to treat the whole tree? Cheers S
my pears have black fungal type marks on them which disfigures. In the past i have used a seaweed mulch and it worked but this year it has notworked, altho recently mulched some months ago. One tree not mulched, after years of not fruiting is the only one in fruit. It seems they are all very old and i inherited them 20 yrs ago. Am at a loss what to do next.
I have a cooking apple tree which HAD a lot of fruit,the leaves are turning blotchly brown curling with some holes and i have lost over half of the fruit I have sprayed but without change, could it be a lack of something in the ground. HELP PLEASE
My cooking apples have brown spots in the flesh. What is the cause and treatment please


hi i have a young apple tree, all the leaves have turned brown, curled and fallen off!! the tree had lots of blossom but only 6 apples, on 4 of them, there is a slight webbing at the stalk. what should i do??? thanks
My superdwarf "red jonaprince" apple tree kept in big tub,recommended size when bought tree last year,has only produced 9 fruits this year compared to last year.It seem to have apple scab on reading other comments,I want to transplant it into a bigger tub(dont have a garden)when is the best time to do this and what stuff do you recommennd for a better yield next year. thank you
i have two new dwarf trees but not sure what they as the wind has blown labels off but one in peticular has similar to the above picture but they are more prominent on the underside any ideas and they are red looking to the eye
You recommend to spray with myclobutanil to control apple scab. Bayer's "Fungus Fighter" contains myclobutanil as the active ingredient but it states on the spray that it is not to be used on food crops??
is there an organic solution to this problem please ?
Last year I planted a young braeburn apple. This year
after a promising start the leaves have developed a black sooty spot and are brown and curling on the edge.
The fruit that had started to form have mostly fallen off and look very dry. I imagine it's a form of fungus,( It has been very wet,) I have been taking off the infected leaves and destroyed them. The other thing I was wondering about is that this tree was planted pretty much in the same spot where an old apple tree used to live, Is it possible that could have something to do with it? I try not to use chemicals, sometimes there isn't a choice....
I have apple scab on about 50% of fruits so far. Should I a) remove all affected fruits and/or b) use suitable fungicide?
Roger Buckner 09/08/2013
We haver an apple tree which over the past 3/4 years has suffered from codling moth - which we treated and put up moth traps. This year we have apple scab! If we treat with the chemicals as suggested will this eradicate the problem or is it likely to come back again next year? At the moment we are seriously considering having the tree up


I have brown patches on my cooking apples are they edible?
I have pear tree in a tub, about 4 years old, has loads of blossom but never produces fruit, is there anything I can do

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