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sandra f
I have an apple tree in my garden which has some unwelcome visitors namely ants which are blazing a trail up and down my tree leaving grooves in several places. Is this damaging the tree in any way? Last year I had a bumper crop but this year I can count them on two hands. I would welcome any advice . thanks
hello i need your help on apple and pear tree my apple tree gave me loads of apples but they all had black patches on them and i dont know what it is or what caused this to happen the tree is 6 years old. to my pear tree it is also 6years old but this year as given me no pears at all, could you please help me thank you ann.
I am suffering a repeat of what i think is apple sooty blotch.
The photograph introducing the problem page is identical to the appearance of my apples.
I treated my tree to the grease band and a tar wash in the spring. It is situated in a south facing part of the garden and has not been subjected to more than the normal rainfall for the Derby area.
The tree is a James Grieve and is 18 years old. It is a good producer, but has had a large number of windfalls this year.
Please any ideas what treatment i can give it for next year.

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