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I've just eaten my first own grown cox's apple and it was the best apple i've ever eaten, hoping for many more this year.
Could we have advice on runing this Cox's Orange Pippins and also how to deal with the white clusters which invade our tree?
My Cox's Orange never fails to produce quality and quantity year on year. I winter wash in frost free conditions in January or February and mulch with garden compost in early Spring.I apply a grease band after the winter wash process. My tree only requires light pruning which is done Sept/Oct, the other important thing is to water well in dry periods
Leicestershire: The white clusters are probably wooly aphids than can be rubbed off or, if you are a bit squeamish, blasted with a jet of water from the hose.
we had lots of apples on our trees last year but not many this year. did i prune it too hard?


.. and of course, some thanks must go to the bee? A super apple, I saw many Cox cultivars when visiting Brogdale many years ago, some bright red.

Im thinking of pruning my apple tree now but still not quite sure how much any help out there.lpasso


There are videos on apple tree pruning on YouTube and of course RHS books if you prefer a manual.

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