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the wyevale garden centre (lower morden garden centre) is fairly good, it's not amazing, but it's decent enough, 6.5/7 out of 10, staff are always cheery and helpful
Have just "signed " up with G. World and have been reading some of the "blogs"? I get a bit frustrated with garden centre's now as they seem to be "phasing" out a lot of the plants and replacing them with candles, ornament's, etc. and such a lot of "stuff" which we could get at a Departmental Store (even clothes) ! Sorry if I sound a "misery" I know some people have a good time there, buying everything else. I still prefer a good Garden "Nursery" !
No my issue with them is that they are expensive but not dull. We have a good selection of garden centres and nurseries in our area
I rarely visit Garden Centres now - I tend to look out specialist nurseries who are plant focussed, and get my inspiration from visiting gardens. As you point out, I can understand the commercial need to sell other than plants (I am sure plants themselves aren't hugely profitable). but it does put me off.

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