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Of course it gets dusty and dirty and, as it is manufactured from plastic has a huge carbon footprint before it is even sold. Our harsh winters must make the plastic brittle and break if what happened to the pots I had left outside last winter is anything to go by. Better to forget lawns all together and go for biodiversity. You will get beauty by the bucket-load, lots of wonderful food, and if you really like grass, can grow the splendid ornamental grasses that sway in the wind or small tufted ones.
What a shame that grass could be replace with plastic. I know technology has allowed great advancements in products, but plastic 'grass' just does not spring to mind when I think of children playing in the garden, having a picnic or even sunbathing. Convenience is important in today's society, but surely not as important as our English wildlife????
I noticed the National Trust have a long strip of fake grass at Cliveden. Looks great until you see the joins with the real thing, all brown and patchy alongside.
A lifeless lawn - no thanks and besides, cutting the grass is the only excercise I get (except lifting glasses of Pimms !).
So pleased you have that amazing butterfly in your tiny garden. real grass is cool. the butterflies in Greece are enormous.


I have several clients that have eliminated the lawn in their city back yards. We increase the size of the patio a little to add some flat space and increased the size of the beds to create a lawn free space with lots trees, shrubs, grasses and perennials. I suppose you could water your artificial turf or your patio to clean it. Your choice, but it just feels wrong.
And it never smells right...I love the smell of grass when its just been cut, makes me sneeze, but I love it, or after a shower. You'd never get that with plastic. I work in the chain that sells it, but it doesn't even look real, so, give me 'normal lawn, back breaking though it can be.
There we are getting rid of plastic bags and manifacturers are talkig people into covering the rest of the country with fake grass just as daft as the government covering our lovely country with concrete!!!!!!!!!
I have a roof terrace 6x5mtres facing south by the coast. I have not succeeded with many plants in this hostile environment ! I like a lush garden-this is now in my dreams at home (I do work a 10 rod allotment where ornamentals have a place!) SO artificial grass may well find a home on my roof terrace. At least it would look green and inviting on the occasional windless day! There are lots of "grass varieties" to be had-short bright green or more glaucous darker greens, longer less manicured looking types, straight/curly- theres no end to the forms it takes. But will it fade or go turquoise in the relentless sunshine????!!!!!!
the main place i see for artificial turf is areas of wear becomes a major problem time and time again. If you look at some of the new football pitches they often have a % of sythetic grass in the turf sward this helps groundstaff to produce good playing surfaces. Garden, ornamental, public lawns etc will always be better as 100% natural grasses!
We have artificial grass for our shaded 4 x 1.5m strip, having tried on 3 attempts to turf this tiny patch. Was great through the winter and has been great this summer too. No regrets!
Don't you people with artifical lawns miss the insects and don't forget worms for the birds if I dig in the garden a little robin arrives to see if I have unearthed a tastey grub or two,really hate plastic anything, love natural materials,don't you just love Mother Earth with all her wonderful gifts.
Obviously there are pros and cons for both natural and artificial grass. It is definitely a preference, and I believe you can't go wrong with either one. If you love maintaining your lawn, then there's no need to switch. For me, after I installed my artificial grass, I have more time, and I love the look and feel. It still looks natural and feels great without having to water.
I had an artificial lawn laid two years ago, but find, this year, moss growing in it, some brown moss, some green. How can I get rid of this? I have a dog so am worried about any toxic solution. Wondered if there was a sand containing moss repellent which I could spread over it. The firm which laid it say they have not encountered this problem before. thanks for your help.
They seems to be real green grass. It brings you quality and impact to both your Gardens and your Property with Artificial Grass & Turf.Fake Lawn WA, Fake Grass, Artificial Lawn, UV treated Best Prasinus EcoTurf which saves you from mowing, look real.


نحن مجموعة من المتطوعين وبدء مبادرة جديدة العلامة التجارية في المجتمع. زودت مدونتك الإلكترونية لنا معلومات قيمة للعمل بها. لقد قمتم بعمل رائع!
We have had our front lawn laid with artificial grass for two years. We too like the real thing however we just dont have the time. Our borders have weed membrane with slits for the plants that we like to see and the membrane is covered with bark. This way we have a colourfull garden with plant attracting insects and the blackbirds love to mess up the bark looking for bugs. We have even seen blackbirds picking insects from the artificial grass! So yes to artificial grass for those who love a lawn and colourfull garden but no to weeds, mud and grass cutting. We too love the smell of fresh cut grass and this is still available from all those who manually cut the lawn around!
Synthetic grass is really a practical way of placing some turf in the house because you don't need to maintain it.At home, I wasa once a living grass user however synthetic just really look like the real one and its really hassle free.
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We have artificial grass at our nursery, its good because we can go out all year round and the grass isnt worn and muddy on wet days. however ive noticed that we no longer get blackbirds on the lawn and also it was quite fun making mud pies in the winter. Artificial grass can look better but we miss the real thing.