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Hi Adam, my back garden is north facing and on the western side I have some ivy growing on a fence panel my question to you is why does it n...

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I produce my own compost, in a compost heap and in a wormery. When I used it this year it contained seeds from previous years which started to grow with my new seeds. How do I make sure my compost is 'clean'?
Do you know how long I should leave an area before growing veg that had been used as a dog run for several years? Only one dog but had been used by my dog for more approx 4 years. Any advice on the matter would be much appreciated. Martin
We have a large yew stump in the middle of the area we hope to use for vegetables in our new garden. The stump is obviously still living as there are small shoots emerging from it. Is it safe for us to use the area for vegetables while the stump lives? I haven't come across any way of killing it which doesn't involve chemicals, which I am reluctant to use in a vegetable bed, especially as we intend to grow organically.
just bought viticella purple (seeds)could you give me some imformation on germinating,yours thankfully stephen
I have an acer three foot tall that has a few buds on but is white and generally7 looks dead - can I move it now to a mo0re shetered spot - possibly a pot. Thankyou.Ian


Dear Adam,

I am in the process of creating 3 raised beds made out of railway sleepers and each one will measure approx. 30feet by 16 feet. As I intended to rotate the vegetables, how do I find out which crops should follow each other! Are there any good books and/or DVD;s which cover this subject?

Have you covered this subject in previous issues Gardeners' World magazines - if not, will you be doing so in the future!

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


Roy Vernon
Is it necessary to pinch out Dahlia grown from seed to produce bushier plants
I would like to plant a dwarf nectarine tree in a pot on my patio.Can you give me some help which one to choose. Thank you. Cecilia
is sawdust any good for the garden ?
Hi Adam, I have tried a few times to grow Lupins in my garden, bought from different stores, but they are always getting eaten by something in the garden? Any idea's??? Dobby2.

Hi Adam What can I grow in a North East facing walled (height 6ft) border that is 12 foot long. I would like ideas to plant from height to ground level. The border is 4 foot wide and I live in windy Anglesey. Cultivating Carol.

When and how should I divide my black bamboo, it's masssive and I would like to have it in a few more places?

Hi Adam, I have attempted to grow Crown Imperial Fritillaries in my garden, both in borders and in pots. Despite following all the instructions, in particular ensuring that the bulbs are planted on their side, they hardly ever flower. My soil is sandy, hence is well drained. I have seen the plants in parks etc flowering beauutifully, so where am I going wrong? I live near Salisbury in Wiltshire.

Hi Adam, Is there a particular type of rose that grows best in pots and if so, what growing advice can you give? Jeremy
can I take cuttings of wallflowers


I have a garden arch that is set in the lawn. I have bought a Montana Rubens Clematis would it be possible to grow this in a pot and train over the arch. If so what is the minimum size pot that I should use and would clay or plastic be better.
Hi can you advise please how to connect a down pipe to the end of the gutter of a metal greenhouse. It has a small square gutter very close to the frame. Many thanks. Christopher Dennison
hi Adam i have had 5 conifers cut down an now thier only stumps ihave left it for 3 seasons an now i would like to put some plants or bushes thier i have small garden an at the bottom it is like awoodland theme going on, an on the right side still conifers for some privacy, can you help me with some ideas. thank you.
I have been trying to discover when to plant out runner bean seeds, with no success. I can see how to stake them, how to plant them, how much space they need, etc., etc. But not when! Is it, for instance, too early now? I haven't done anything yet, other than harvesting seeds from last year's beans. Thanks in advance for your help
I have a largish circular border in the centre of my lawn. I want to put something in the middle fairly tall but that won't put out roots that will disturb the lawn.

I like the idea of a prunus Kiri-Shidare-Zakura. Would this put out roots too far or would it be possible to put it in a tub and then bury the tub - any help would be welcome