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Hi Adam, my back garden is north facing and on the western side I have some ivy growing on a fence panel my question to you is why does it n...

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Dear Adam, I am somewhat confused about the term "compost" used on Gardener's World. A lady was interviewed in the middle of the last program with the same question (i.e., what kind of compost?) but Carol did not answer the question, and in addition casually mentioned it should be sterile for seed beds! Later, Monty, while preparing some seedlings, referred to a "richer compost". And when Rachel is preparing seed beds, is she using pure compost (mixed with pearlite), or when they say "compost" do they mean garden earth mixed with compost? What do they mean?? (And I am sure the lady I mentioned above would like to know, too)
Hi Adam,
Could you advice, there is a wall opposite our house along which we have planted daffodils which have successfully blossomed. However, when they die back, the view becomes just weeds. It is dry,stony terrain and is south facing. Are there other flowers we could plant for seasonal interest which would survive the conditions mentioned?
Hi Adam, I bought a greengage and victoria plum tree bareroot stock in Feb 2012. We planted them in large pots as stated on instructions, but nothing has happened since we plantedthem. There are no new buds or leaves. Is this normal? We live in south east essex.
Hi Adam

Last year I bought a small olive tree from our local garden centre. It has recently flowered and has small fruits appearing but I think it may need repotting. Can you advise on the best time to do this and also what type of compost would be best for it? Many thanks


My Madonna Lilies are all looking sick, they only have the winter leaves on and nothing else. By now they are normally starting to shoot up with new leaves. Whats wrong with them?
Tee Gee

Hi Swiss Suze

I hope you don't mind me butting in.

This link might help for now until such times as Adammgets around to answer your question...Tg

In the current drought can I use water from my water softener to water my plants. I have to run off about 2 pints from my hot tap to obtain hot water and it seems a shame to let it run down the drain Spitfire
what plants can i grow around my hostas that keep slugs away
Hi Adam, I grew dahlias for the first time last year - they were lovely and following Monty's advice i took them out, over-wintered them and have taken quite a lot of cuttings from the new shoots that appeared. Shoots still coming and need room in the greenhouse - so is it alright just to re-plant them as there are still lots of shoots appearing on them and if so - do I leave all the shoots or snip off a few to better those that are left?
Sue 2
Hi Adam I've got some Purple sprouting growing in my garden. We have lots of side shoots on it after the 1st intial larger top shoot, but now shoots are all long & spindly. Is this how its supposed to be?
Sue 2

Sorry I live in Essex & its a sunny site & we put garden compost on it before planting & poultry manure pellets.

What variety of lavender would you recomend to plant alongside a garden path in a small garden, the garden faces the SW.
Green s leaves

I have just noticed some leaf curl on my fan trained peach tree. I live on the East Coast of the Dengie peninsula in Essex. The tree is planted in a sheltered, sunny, South facing position against a fence protecting it from cold N & E wind. We cover it with a layer of fleece at night to protect from frost. Last year (it was newly planted)I sprayed with Bordeaux Mixture and we had no leaf curl to speak of, a couple of leaves which I removed. This year, for various reasons I missed the correct time to spray. Is there anything I can, or should, do now to prevent further infection this year. I have seen Chlorothalonil (Bravo) or copper compound (Kocide), mentioned on an American web site, are they available in UK? and any good Your comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

Hi Adam, I grew some potatoes in the garden last year in a particularly dry light soil to try and smother some perennial weeds. I must have left some of the crop in the ground as I noticed potato leaves growing when weeding. Will these produce edible potatoes this year or should I bin them? Thanks, Laura.


Hi Adam I live on the isle of wight and am searching for a fairly quick growing evergreen shrub that doesn't mind it a bit soggy around the roots during the winter. It's quite sunny. It would be nice if it is a bit fragrant too. I put an eleagnus there but didn't like it. One that I can prune but that gets to 6ft so that it acts as a privacy screen next to a lattice fence. glenys
Afternoon Adan

I have received over a week ago my bareroot fruit trees. I will be growing these in large pots. I just wanted to know what compost do I use. Can I use some of my garden soil as well as compost from bags to fill my pots?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Audrey (Sad Gardner)
Hi Adam, I live in the North West, south of Manchester. The back of my house is north facing and I would like to grow an intersting climber against the house. What can you suggest? Gill Phillips
I have agarden arch set in the lawn. Would it be possible to grow a Montana Rubens Clematis in a pot and train it over the arch. If so what is the minimum size pot and would clay or plastic be better
last year I got a good set on my cherry, plum and apple trees. However when the fruit was just a week or so old they were all wiped out by a sudden frost.At what point are newly formed fruit immune from frost damage?