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Hi Adam, my back garden is north facing and on the western side I have some ivy growing on a fence panel my question to you is why does it n...

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Hi Adam

I'm keen to grow some squash on my London allotment but I'm running out of space. I have heard you can train courgettes up a frame - can you do this with any variety or do you need a special sort? I've already bought a packet of Venus seeds.

Also can you train other squashes - like butternuts or pumpkins? If so, I'd like some recommendations...
hi Adam, My 4 trays of bedding easiplants have just arrived.I do not have a greenhouse.What would you advise-leave them in their trays inside the house until mid May? Many thanks, Ann Ebeid
Hello Adam I have a border against the back wall of my house 450cm long by 75cm deep. It is east facing and gets the sun until about 2pm in the summer months. There is patio surrounding it. My problem is that it is under a thatched roof and gets anything from a deluge of water pouring onto it to a constant dripping after rainfall. What can I plant here? I live in the south west of England. Mo Butcher
Adam - there seems to be quite a negative feeling amongst gardeners that superstore bought compost (B&Q'S, Wickes etc) is not fit for purpose. (see problem solving forum for example) When you look deeper online there a whole range of forums highlighting this but with little positive feedback from the stores themselves (despite people losing 100's of seedlings). Is this something you have come across and is there anything GW can do to help influence or even highlight this issue?
HI Adam,there is what looks like black soot on my pieris and rhododendrons what can I do please


Sorry,forgot to  say I live in West Midlands

Hi Adam can you please help? i got a Aeonium a couple of weeks ago and it keeps dropping its leaves? and they are going a yellow colour and see through! its in a north facing window and room temp with no heating, Thanks Mark
Hi Adam,

I am new to gardening and in fact only have a small patio area out the back of my terrace house. Part of it gets a good dose of sunlight and I am growing herbs in pots and potatoes in a dustbin. As a lover of cooking and baking what I would really like is to also grow a tasty dessert friendly fruit that I could use to fill (sweet) pies or make jam from. Can you recommend a fruit plant that would survive well in a container?

Many thanks,

Sophie, Bristol
I planted garlic October, it was growing well. I have now noticed it is staring to go to seed. i have pulled a couple up and there is only one bulb. Last year i enjoyed a very good crop. Where have I gone wrong. Also some of the leaves have rust spots on them, I think the warm spell we had I didn't water much. Help
to prevent peas I had sown in pots being stolen by mice, I left anticoagulant mouse poison in a bate trap in my poly tunnel. Unfortunatatly it appears some was taken and buried in the raised beds by hording mice. Will this poison be now be absorbed / taken up by the tomatoes & salad items or is it biodegradeable and not become a health hazard to humans? In short do I need to dig out and replace all the soil? I won't be using poisons again!!!

hi adam , how can i prevent leatherjackets in my lawn, ?

just had to have my lawn relaid after it was treated for the squatters , is it possible to prevent it happening again.  thank you annie

 oops don't know what i did there,hope i am better at gardening than posting my gardening problem .

Hi Adam! I have a goji berry plant which I bought last year. It's doing well but I'm just wondering if they're self-fertile or if they're like blueberries and I need to get another one to get fruit.
Hi I've heard Tenby daffodils (N Obvalis) reproduce by seed rather than by producing clumps of new bulbs. When's the best time to take the seed and how do I get it to germinate? in Yorkshire? Thanks
what are the best type of tulip bulbs to keep for next year


Dear Adam,

OK, Ive been waiting all winter for the seed pods on my <span class="header4Class">trachelospermum jasminoides to open (I thought it best to leave them on the plant as it would be best place for them to further develope and to be in the right conditions to mature).

<span class="header4Class">Today I found the seed pods had cracked and lots of feathery parachutes hidden inside with little brown seeds on them.  They are definately the ones from that plant.

<span class="header4Class">I dont want to mess up and have had little sucess with seeds so I really really want to get this right - what is the very best way to get them to germinate and grow into lovely strong plants please?

<span class="header4Class">Kindest regards

<span class="header4Class">Maxii -, Norwich.

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Hi Adam could you please help me. My pond needs some oxygen and I'd like a water feature. I'd like to build a mini pond (40cm across), 80 cm from the main pond and elevated by 40 cm. Water would be pumped by solar energy from the pond up through pipes into the mini pond (reservoir) and would run along a mini river into the pond, creating sound and movement and oxygenating the pond. What do I need to buy and where can I get it? The technology (size of solar panel, cables, pipes) is far beyond me. PLEASE HELP - my pond and I are desperate. THANK YOU!! Kind regards Konia
Hi Adam,
My garden is mainly clay, I have spent alot of time digging and adding soil inprover etc and putting in drainage as it can get very wet. To add to this it can be very windy to which I have put up some wind breaks to slow the wind down .I would like to grow a climing plant over my fence which is a fast growing ,the side it would be planted on would be in the shade .As the plant grows it would be in the sun for most of the day as the top of the fence is in full sun.I like the plants which change colour in autumn ie virginia creepers .I have tried clemitis but not with suscess.
Dear Adam, I live in Newcastle upon Tyne. I have planted two bulbs of Lilium about three weeks ago. They are outside under a south facing wall and it has been raining almost every day or 5days a week ever since. The shoots of the first one appeared straight after planting and it kept growing very well and the second one followed. But it has been a week that the first one stopped growing and the tips of the shoots are very dry now. I don'r know if I should put them inside or in a more shady place. Is there any way to save it?
I have several bulbs in my garden that have not produced any flowers. I garden on heavy clay and generally only feed borders in the spring as the ground gets too hard after that. Having read some articles it is recommended to give a dose of phospherous to encourage blooms but if my bulbs have already not bloomed, is it too late to start feeding them for next year.