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Hi Adam, my back garden is north facing and on the western side I have some ivy growing on a fence panel my question to you is why does it n...

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Hi Adam, my back garden is north facing and on the western side I have some ivy growing on a fence panel my question to you is why does it not produce flowers and later on berries?
Sorry I meant to also say that I live in Weymouth Dorset and the ivy as far as I can tell is of the usual type I.e. not variegated
Dear Adam, how can I stop ground elder creeping across from next doors garden, at the moment I have it covered with cardboard to exclude the light but it's not a long term solution. Kay from surrey
Our village is suffering from leylandi bushes going brown and looking dead. Is it a virus. Is there a cure. I would be pleased for your comments. Muriel
Sorry I didn't mention ,,I li ve in a village near Doncaster. Muriel


Dear Adam, Could you please tell me if it's time to dig the rye grass into the veg patch. Thank you, Sue
I live in South West Wales and my backyard garden faces south. When the weather is good it's a real sun-trap. Last year I bought a small olive tree bearing fruit. It is now about 4 feet tall and kept close to the kitchen wall for maximum sunlight and also warmth at night. When should I prune it to maintain an open crown? Is it advisable to reduce the length of fresh growth to make it bush out? Any tips on pruning will be gratefully received.

sarah broome- ivy blooms and berries only on mature wood if you trim it it will remain juvenilr forever-cuttings taken from mature ivy will form ivy trees rather trailing-very amusing

the blades of grass on my lawn are gradually turning white. what is it and how do i treat it.

Hi adam,weve recently moved house and am looking forward to this years growing season.Theres evidence of a row of runner bean wigwams,how should i prepare that particular patch for this years crop of runners?

Dear Adam,
I've had my Wisteria for about seven years. It has lovely green leaves in Summer and is spreading out along a fence in a sunny postiion. I have followed all the advice about pruning it twice a year and mulch it well in Spring. What am I doing wrong?
What ingredients (and quantities) should I use to self mix general purpose potting compost?
Hi Adam, my chrysanthemums are sprouting very quickly,what should i do to them, please advise
I have a number of different roses, that I would like to experiment with their colours so I would like advice on when & how to graft roses.
Hi Adam,
I have a 7ft high bush which I think is of the Laurel
family, looking at the leaves. A number of leaves, though,are curling and falling off. I can's see any sign of pest, caterpiller, mite or fungal inbfection.
Any ideas what could be the cause, and hiow I treat it?

Many thanks


We have lots of established beech hedging in our "new" country garden near Alyth (Perthshire, Scotland), which we have pruned to about 2m high. I'd like to soften them and add seasonal interest with a rambling rose, and maybe clematis and honeysuckle. Can you suggest suitable varieties and colour schemes?
I have two Leylandii trees each about 80ft high which need to be reduced by about one third. As they are home to pigeons and squirrels I would be very grateful to know the best time to carry out the pruning so as to disturb them as little as possible.
Sandra from Cheshire

I have a 30x50ft new build 'garden' of turf which I want to nurture into a 'real' garden.  We're in North Hampshire, however there's a lot of builder's rubble on top of our Hampshire chalk!  The turf was laid 18mths ago, the garden is SW facing, the grass grew differently/patchy across the garden last summer.  My question is: Should I lift the turf, remove the rubble & improve the soil before I think about design/borders/planting/veg patch?  What advice can you offer for dealing with a new build garden?

All my daffodills are coming up with only green leaves , no flowers - whatshall I do. throw away replant feed ?
Dear Adam, For the last 2 years i've tried unsucessfully to grow summer squash. First year outside,second year in the greenhouse from seed. Each time flowers appear but no fruit. Is it lack of pollenation?